Birthday preparations

Can’t write much tonight- I am in full-on birthday preparation mode. I don’t want this party to end up like last time where people start showing up and i’m STILL setting up and baking and have to have them help- i’d like them to just walk in and have everything up and ready to go.
One main problem: We don’t have Holden’s big gift. He’s getting a fish tank for his birthday (which is why he’s having a Nemo themed party), and we don’t have the tank, supplies, or fish yet. Oops! I guess i’d hoped to get a hand me down from Freecycle, or score the really nice one off of Craigslist but none of that has panned out as of yet.
Not like Holden will notice, I don’t even think he has ANY idea that there’s a party tomorrow, or that it’s for him.. but i’d like to have the tank there for pictures and for him to yell “BITCH! BITCH!” at.. because ‘bitch’ is how he says ‘fish.’

For tonight i’m focusing on the baking. The cupcakes are done other than frosting them (which I do NOT know how to do other than to slather on the icing with a knife.. but I fear that looking ridiculous and ugly).. and I still have to bake the white chocolate oatmeal craisin cookies (Holden LOVES craisins).
I’m not cooking this time. No way. Too fat, too miserable and too swollen. I’m ordering pizza. And probably just plain cheese because it’s cheap. Do I care what other people want to eat? Nope! And all pizza has cheese on it so no one can complain about a friggin’ cheese pizza. If they do, they will catch the preggo wrath.

I still have this crazy fear of going into full on labor either tonight or in the middle of the party tomorrow and essentially ruining the whole thing. I had some NASTY ‘contractions’ picking up some clothes for Holden at the mall today (40% off at old navy, couldn’t resist)..
This kid had BETTER hold out until at LEAST the 18th (a day after Holden’s birthday). It’s crappy enough to possibly share a birthday month, but the exact day? Ohhhh.. baby will be grounded as soon as he pops out if that happens!

Anyways, off I go! Wish me luck.

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  • I see why I didn’t hear back from you today! I hope everything went as well as it possibly could! I hope Holden had a good time and got some great gifts!!