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I’ll be the first to admit that I am a pretty lousy excuse for a ‘lady.’ I don’t like to dress up, i’d much rather wear a jeans and t-shirt.. I don’t think I even own one single skirt. I’d much rather eat taco bell then some fancy shmancy tiny portioned poo at a upscale restaurant.. and other than my piercings- i’m not a big fan of jewelery either. I’d rather spend the money on something useful.. or clothes. Clothes are useful, right?

Still, I find myself drawn to photos of pretty jewelery, what woman doesn’t? Although i’d never buy it, it’s fun to see what’s out there- and I have PLENTY of friends who would love to receive jewelery as gifts- so this one’s for you.

With the economy in the crapper, not everyone can afford a HUGE diamond engagement ring, or big fancy diamond encrusted jewelery for gifts.. so the next best thing would be Fake Diamond Engagement Rings . And by fake, I meanCubic Zirconia Engagement Rings.

That’s what almostdiamonds.com offers. Not that i’d suggest tricking your lady into thinking these are the real deal, but MAN are they pretty.
This ring is only about $33

Can you imagine how expensive the REAL thing is? Who has money for that other than celebrities?
Hell, buy yourself some of this and go out on the town and make everyone think you’re rich beyond all belief. Why not, right? Every girl deserves something shiny to wear, real or not- and I see no reason to pay for the real thing when you can get something just as pretty for, what? 1/1,000th of the price??


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