We’ve got another ladies’ man on our hands

There can’t be a single mother out there who doesn’t wonder what her womb leech will be like when he or she is finally spawned into this world. Will they be shy? Outgoing? Artistic? Laid back?
It’s hard not to think about. I still wonder what exactly Holden will be like when he’s older.

Sometimes, there are things baby does in the womb that give you tiny little indicators of the type of child they will be. With Holden, I had a feeling he’d be incredibly energetic and stubborn just from the way he beat the living hell out of my insides all the time. Ended up being right in that area, the kid has an endless source of energy.

If the indicators are the same, not only will this little guy be like the energizer bunny- but he’ll be a total ladies’ man to boot.

From the very first times I felt him kick, I had a feeling about it. At first he’d only kick for me. As soon as Thomas put his hand to my stomach, the kicking immediately stopped, as soon as her removed his hand, the kicking would start again. Thomas must have thought I was imagining things with how frequently this occurred.
It might be that Daddy has a calming effect on baby, which will be a good thing down the line when this turd is screaming all hours of the night.. but soon baby warmed up to him and the calming effect has worn off a little. Sometimes he’ll still stop once Thomas touches the area he’s decided to try and claw his way out of- big relief for me. Kid is a baby-Hercules.

The more I get comfortable with anyone touching my stomach, the more the pattern repeats. For my brother, my Dad, and Thomas- baby seems to stop moving as soon as they make contact and the moment that hand is off of my belly the kicking starts again.
If a girl happens to touch my stomach? Baby goes totally crazy and seems to even put on a floor show for them. He’s a little show off.
“I’m here ladies! Love me! I’m kind of a big deal.”
The difference is insane.

Just another way he’ll be like his big brother- Holden loves anything with boobs.. probably because I don’t really have them unless i’m pregnant and they make for squishy pillows, but hey- it’s fun to speculate.

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  • BOth my boys were the same way with stopping beating the crap out of me when sabe touched my stomach. But.

    Jamesen beat me up ten million time harder than Marcus did [though Marcus had the more I think] and he’s a totally different baby than marcus. The opposites apply for the most part.