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Holden is a mama’s boy, through and through, there’s never been any doubt about that. I’m usually the one he comes to if he’s hurt, if he needs something, if he wants random snuggles… but there is just something about the first hour that Thomas is home from work that turns Holden into a total Daddy monster.

I think maybe the fact that i’m home with Holden constantly, and he rarely stays with anyone else, that I suppose you could say makes him a little tired of me. Especially if i’ve been ‘mean mommy’ to him too many times in one day.

The older Holden gets, the more separation anxiety he gets from Thomas when he leaves for work in the morning. Holden has never gotten separation anxiety from me. Some would consider that a good thing, i’ve heard a lot of stories from other moms about how awful it is that they can’t go anywhere or do anything without their kid screaming for them or throwing fits if they even leave the room. Does Holden like being left alone in a room? Sometimes I think he prefers it (although he used to scream if I left him to go and do something, he did that for every other random person that entered our house too).

When it comes to Daddy.. Thomas can’t do anything when he gets home without Holden chasing after him begging, screaming and crying to be picked up. He even runs to the door and waits for him to come in like a lonely puppy that’s been left all day. Hell, I don’t even think an hour goes by during the day that Holden doesn’t ask for him. “Dah-ee? Dah-ee?”, I hear it constantly. And what do I get? An evil little smirk and Holden calling me ‘Jenny’ instead of Mommy.
Thomas can’t even stand in the kitchen and read the mail (the kitchen is blocked off by a baby gate because Holden thinks it’s fun to play with the oven) without Holden having a complete meltdown.

I guess I should be happy that I have freedom to roam around the house at my own leisure without a leg-hugging weight slowing me down, but as a Mommy it does sting a little to see him SO excited to see his Daddy when he doesn’t even bat an eye if i’m gone for hours at a time. I might get a hug, but I certainly don’t get the reaction Thomas gets.

Although, I have to say, I do like that Holden is much better behaved with a hell of a lot less sass and brattiness for me than Thomas. The whole ‘mean mommy’ thing works much better than Thomas’ ‘mean daddy’ shtick.

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