Surprise, Surprise!

Today was my appointment with the mysterious new doctor at my OBGYN.

Thomas and I had scoured the internet trying to find out SOME kind of information on this elusive doctor and came up with absolutely nothing. Not a single website had a last name even near the one I was given. That can make a person worry. Do they really exist? If they were a good doctor, wouldn’t there be reviews somewhere? There were TONS of reviews for the other two doctors at the practice (all glowing, always a nice thing to read). Was this doctor straight out of med school? That might not be a good thing.. to have someone digging in your crotch who hasn’t had a lot of experience digging in crotches for a living.

So obviously there was a lot of anticipation and worry going into this appointment. As I mentioned before, I in NO WAY shape or form wanted anything to do with a male doctor- and being that I couldn’t find anything on this person, it could go either way.
Being huge and pregnant and irritable means I don’t like surprises. Didn’t like the thought of having to see someone new when i’d become so comfortable with the two doctors i’ve had since my pregnancy with Holden, especially considering there’s only about 5 weeks left until this kid is due- not much time to have to GROW to like someone enough to let them deliver your baby.

I should have suspected by my history that things would not go the way I thought they would! This time, though, they went surprisingly well.
The doctor came into the room, FEMALE, young, petite & blond. Not some creepy old dude, not some crotchety old lady. Instant sense of relief.
She was incredibly nice with a good sense of humor- liked Holden, and was trying to get a handle on my charts.. which can be confusing considering my last pregnancy was such an enormous clusterfuck of things going wrong.

The best part is, is that she was just as confused by womb baby as me. I expressed my concern with how this child will NOT stop switching positions so she dug right in and checked it out (which also confirmed my suspicions about how PAINFUL baby spinning would be). At first? Head down.. and then he moved.. and then he moved again.. and then again. Which was very easy to see by the HUGE lumps rolling across my stomach of baby trying to get away from her hands. She found it hilarious, I found it rather painful.

Would I want her yanking my child from my loins? That’s yet to be determined, but I suppose I wouldn’t totally hate the idea. As weird and kind of icky as it is to say- there was no pelvic exam today so I have no idea how rough she is.. ’cause some of the nurses at the practice I might rather take a fork to the eye then let them dig their hands up my snatch again- they just jam a couple fingers up there with no consideration for how uncomfortable or painful it might be. My doctors are not so forceful.
Another icky observation- new doctor has skinny hands. I don’t know about small, but man her fvingers were skinny.. which could be a good or a bad thing. Doctors with smaller hands have to JAM their hands up your hole to get a good grasp on what’s going on with your cervix, while the ones with long fingers don’t have so much trouble reaching it. Then again, big hands can be a problem too.
AH! Let me just not think about that anymore. Not even a pleasant subject to broach. A valid one? Yes. Pleasant? The opposite.

I might be ginormously fat right now according to their scale, but I still consider the day a win.

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  • I didn’t like hearing about the cramming of the hands in there either. Although that’s how the baby is born with the expanding of stuff down there, but still not pleasant to discuss. I’m glad you weren’t totally freaked out by the doctor! She sounds pretty. LOL It was also a bit uncomfortable to hear about the lumps on your stomach from big baby moving around in there! Ouch!!

  • trust me when i say that you would rather have a small tiny petite hand rammed up there over a huge man hand! A man delivered marcus and HOLY MOLY!! my first cervical check was by a guy with hugeeeeeee hands. her having small hands is good!