Super mega ultra jinx

Have you ever had yourself so convinced of something, and everyone else telling you the same- that the exact opposite occurs?

That is pretty much the exact rule this entire pregnancy has gone by.
Kept telling myself I wouldn’t get pregnant (especially with remodeling the house and not having time to get down and do the dirty), and it happened. All signs pointed to baby being a girl- and baby ended up packing heat instead. Started carrying high and thought that maybe this time around it would stay that way- baby is lower than I ever imagined possible.

Then comes the massive speculation about whether or not my due date is actually correct. According to my last period- baby should be due around September 26th, BUT- I know I don’t ovulate on the regular, and according to the first 2 ultrasounds very early on, he’s due October 8th.
Problem with October 8th? The window for conception to make that due date accurate is basically impossible.
So this whole pregnancy i’ve been thinking that somehow, some way, this baby will be coming on a different day than my EDD.

It doesn’t help that pretty much everyone who has seen my belly in person, or has seen enough pictures online agrees- solidifying my speculations. Or at least helping me to further my delusions.
Most ladies don’t think i’ll make it to October. Not that i’ll go early, but that there’s just no way i’m due that late given my size & how i’ve been feeling lately.

I’ve tried not to completely convince myself that i’m farther along, because I know as soon as I do i’ve basically jinxed/cursed/screwed myself and i’ll end up 41 weeks pregnant getting induced to force this child out of me. Hell, it happened with Holden. Not only were my doctors convinced Holden would come VERY early, but they had be totally buying into it too. And what happened? Induced. Sure, it was at 39 weeks which is a week early, but i’m positive he would have been content staying in there for as long as possible. If it were up to Holden, i’d be birthing out a freaking teenager. He loved my womb.

This baby loves to hate my womb, and would most likely go past term just out of spite. Yes, babies can be spiteful! Just wait until you get puked all over, change into clean clothes and get puked all over immediately and you’ll agree.

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  • Yeah, it’s just best to speculate and wonder. As soon as you decide something, it’ll go the opposite direction. Ah, life is great…