Regular doctor? On call doctor?

There are so many negatives that come along with being induced to go into labor that I tend to forget to look at the bright side- because my labor was scheduled, I got to be delivered by my doctor. The one who I am the most comfortable with. BIG relief.

I know that a lot of women will tell you that once you’re actually in labor, you won’t care who’s staring into your snatch.. and that’s true- to a point.

I chose the OBGYN practice that I go to for one reason: It’s all women. The receptionists, the nurses, and the two doctors.
If there is one thing I will never be comfortable with- it’s a male doctor digging in my crotch. I don’t care how much pain i’m in, just can’t ever let it happen.
Even when in ‘pre-term labor’ with Holden, the only doctor on rotation was a man who wanted to run some specific tests and I downright refused. Risky? Yeah, and in a way I felt bad about it because I knew the test was important.. but because of things that have happened in my past it’s just something I can’t let slide. We won’t get into all of that, i’ll just leave it with that I think it’s a woman’s choice who’s going on a treasure hunt in her crotch and if she doesn’t want a man to do it, then a man shouldn’t do it. I also won’t go into my rant on how I don’t understand at all why any man would want to be a gynecologist and how it totally icks me out either.

As I was scheduling my next check-in, I was told by the receptionist that there is a new doctor joining the practice and that I would be seeing this doctor at my next appointment. I understand needing a new doctor.. as there are only 2 at my practice and a lot of times you wait for a VERY long time in your room to see someone, especially if one of those two are at the hospital on delivery.. but i’m not so sure i’m comfortable seeing someone new so late in the game. Who is this person? Is it still a woman? If it’s not a woman, seriously.. heads will roll.

Does seeing this doctor just mean i’m being worked into a rotation, or am I being bumped off of my doctor’s list onto theirs? Do I even really have a specific doctor, or are all 3 technically supposed to be my doctor?
I guess I assumed that the one who delivered Holden, the one who I saw the most towards the end of my last pregnancy and for all of my important check ups was my specific doctor and the one who would be delivering this new baby.. but from hearing other women’s stories- it might all depend on WHEN I go into labor as to who delivers me. These are things I don’t know about considering i’ve never gone into labor on my own.

Not that there will be anything I can do about it if that’s what it comes down to.. but I certainly won’t be happy about it. Maybe if this were my first pregnancy, or if I didn’t feel so comfortable with the doctor that delivered Holden it wouldn’t matter so much.. or maybe even at all- but it takes a LOT to really get comfortable with someone staring up your va-jay with a magnifying glass.

I think it’s time to do a Google search on this new doctor.. who had better have the same parts as me, damnit! I’m way too fat and irritable to have to yell at my next appointment.

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  • Phantom doctor doesn’t exist.

    But, I don’t believe that they are just going to switch you out to someone new anyways. The new doctor will probably take on new patients and build their repertoire.

    You could always say that you are only comfortable with your doctor and they would let it slide.

  • I get the feeling that while I have a regular doctor out of the 2 (now 3), she won’t necessarily be the one to deliver me depending on when I pop this kid out

  • If you are at an all women clinic, then the chances that this new doc is a man is slim. That’s good that you chose a clinic like that since you have such serious issues with male doctors. Just ask at your next visit if one of them will always be on call at the place of delivery.

    I have a history of anxiety and while yes, I was a bit nervous at the sight of this new doctor I didn’t let it stop me from having my baby. I likely could have, I suppose. It was my choice to let him break my water. Looking back on it now, if I hadn’t there could have been some serious complications, possibly even resulting in not having Ally around today. Just saying sometimes things happen because they’re supposed to happen that way. Who knows why.

    While no, I didn’t care for the doctor who delivered Ally, he did the job. I saw him 5-10 minutes for “Hey I’m Dr. So-and-So. You’re 4 cm. Fully effaced. Ready to have a baby today?” And then he came in when I was ready to push and stitched me up after I tore. So I had very minimal time with him.

    It was the FEMALE NURSES that got me through the painful contractions, my bitchfest over pitocin hurting so badly that I didn’t want to even continue it but did for the sake of getting it over faster, and they helped me with the practice pushes(2 fewer pushes needed to get her out-woo hoo lol)!

    Sorry that got so long! Male doctors are trained professionals as well as the women docs out there though. It seemed like everything was in place to have a baby that day, so that’s just how things ended up for me and I’m overall pleased with how the birth went. Who knows if I will be so lucky as 5.5-6 hours with a future one!! LOL

    I will hope for you that everything works out and you will get the doctor you prefer!! Never know, little guy might decide to be ready on the perfect day!!

  • After all the shit this kid has put me through he’d better come when I want!

    I think the practice I go to is a lot different than other practices, they’re VERY hands on, make it a point to get to know you and remember your name and your children’s names- visit sick babies in the NICU, spend a large chunk of the day checking up on me since it took so long for the pitocin to do anything. They have amazing ratings/reviews on all the websites I went through last night trying to find SOMETHING out about this new doctor. Couldn’t find ANYTHING, not even a medical license. weird.

    If it’s a dude oncall, he’s not coming near my snatch. I’d rather have a nurse deliver the baby (they do most of the footwork anyways, just like with your delivery)