Procrastination is my middle name

I swore that this would be the weekend that we got the nursery up and ready to go. Not only for the ‘just in case’ scenario where baby would come early, but to help get Holden acclimated now to having tons of baby stuff around. He’s only been around baby stuff one time recently and he wanted to pull it apart, climb into it, and generally just try to manhandle it to death.
Having Holden pull over a swing with baby IN it.. is not something I want to happen! I can just picture Holden jumping ontop of that thing and slingshotting baby scross the room. That is the thing preggo nightmares are made of.
So it’s just better all around to have the nursery done now rather than waiting until the last second.

Here it is, Saturday night.. and i’m sitting in what should, at least semi be a nursery. Still an office, still with stacks of diaper boxes and tubs of baby clothes and a computer desk.. and a lounge chair.. and a TV.. and all kinds of other things that shouldn’t be in here just lying around begging to be organized & moved.

If it weren’t for the desk, I think this task could have been and probably would have been accomplished a long time ago. That thing is big.. and looks heavy.. and mama doesn’t do heavy at this point.

At least one thing got accomplished. I ordered the wall adhesives for the nursery off of Amazon last night. Such an easy way to decorate a room.. and inexpensive too (and we all know how big a fan I am of inexpensive). Once those come, maybe i’ll get way more amped on the idea of getting this room changed over.

You may be wondering- why not make Holden share his room? They’re both boys, it’s normal to do that, right?
Well yeah, it’s normal, and space saving.. but no way am I going to completely screw up Holden’s sleep by sticking a screaming baby in his room with him. That wouldn’t really be fair to ANYONE. If Holden is awake, i’m awake. If i’m awake.. no one is happy.
I think once they both get a little older the room sharing idea will be much more appealing, and then Thomas can have his precious office back.
Or.. maybe we’ll just have a bigger house and it’ll be a mega WIN WIN WIN situation. Everyone gets their own room, including the computer.

Oh, and as for that rogue turd? Nope, never found it. I hope that huge spider hiding under the couch didn’t make a nest in it. Uggghhh

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  • yeah… no putting my kids in the same room together. If marcus is pissed, I’m irate and nobody is happy when i’m irate!