A preggo’s worst enemy

If you think i’m about to say snacks, candy, icecream and sweet treats alike- you are mistakes! Those are more of a preggo’s Achilles heel.. kryptonite, if you will.

The true villain, the real arch-nemesis?
Other preggos.

It’s a literal Clash of the Titans. All those hormones floating around in one place and someone is bound to get rubbed the wrong way.

I’ve met pregnant women I get along famously with, but that may be because i’m well aware of the fact that i’m not going to agree with everything someone else thinks or does and I have respect for that, so i’m more than willing to just let things slide. I try not to give too much of my opinion unless it’s asked for because I don’t want to be the person to ruin a preggo’s day (I just put it here for someone to come and willingly read instead of trying to argue about anything). We have enough to worry about without being told we’re wrong over and over again.

Far too many times I have encountered preggos who are like the One-Upping Mommy Braggers i’ve mentioned so many times before, multiplied by about 100 and intensified by hormones, swelling, and weak bladders.
Is it some sense of competition? ‘Who can pop the baby out first’ or the ‘Who’s had the worst pregnancy?’ arguments that makes things so tense when you gather preggos together?

Lately, the thing that’s been rubbing me the wrong way when it comes to conversations with other preggos is being told i’m wrong when I say that i’m bigger than I was during my pregnancy with Holden.
Wouldn’t I know? And isn’t it customary to be bigger with your second pregnancy? I thought that was just common knowledge & widely accepted and known throughout.
And why would I say i’m bigger if I weren’t? Who wants to be bigger??
Coupled with how i’ve said I think my due date may be inaccurate (for completely different reasons), a lot other ladies baking womb cakes move into nay-sayer mode when I post pictures or mention anything about looking farther along than 31 weeks.
“Well, I don’t think you’re that big. You look like 31 weeks.” a.k.a – “You aren’t as big as me” or, ‘You’re not having your baby early!” or even “I’m gonna have my baby before you!”

Did I say I was gonna pop this sucker out before October? Sure didn’t. And i’d prefer not to. That doesn’t mean I can’t look at my stomach and recognize the fact that I am indeed bigger.
I am not saying I am bigger than you, I am saying I am bigger than me– get it straight landbeasts!

Even with photographic evidence, the truth will NOT be accepted by other preggos.

For instance:

Baby shower for Holden. August of 07.

Baby shower for #2. August of 09.

What you have to keep in mind is that Holden was due Sep 21, this baby is due October 8. I was about a full month farther along during my baby shower with Holden.
To me, it’s pretty damn clear that I am bigger this time around. Pictures don’t lie!

To another preggo? It’s a challenge to find the differences in the pictures, “Well, you were fuller in the first picture”, or “you’re obviously smaller in the 2nd picture!”
Again, a MONTH FARTHER ALONG in the first picture.

That is just my current gripe, as there have been many others that I could go on and on about. It’s become so ridiculous that i’d prefer to avoid other pregnant women as much as possible now. Moms with kids around the 6 month mark seem to be the calmest most understanding & rational women. No competition, like with other preggos, and other moms with kids Holden’s age.. and none of that “I know better than you because I have a 10 year old!” crap either.

Preggos should just be kept at a distance from each other. Unless you want the ground opening up and the earth swallowing us all whole when their paths cross. Hell hath no fury like a preggo scorned.

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  • I think you do look larger now that you did before. It’s even more obvious by the pictures. But, it could look like you are just carrying a different way. With Holden you could have been more round than out. This baby is topedoeing.

  • haha i was about to say you do actually look a bit smaller in the second picture but then you said you were amonth further behind… yeah. I don’t think you’re due in october.