Pecker talk

People will literally argue about anything and everything possible when it comes to children.

Immunizations, breastfeeding, medication, baby wearing, circumcision- you name it, there’s probably an argument going on right now about it.
And each side thinks they are completely right, hands down. No argument can be made that will sway them, so the words just get nastier, the tone gets meaner.. until it’s an all out cat fight (because sadly, it’s usually women taking part in these spats).

I’ve tried basically my entire time as a parent to stay the hell AWAY from these kinds of conversations. Do I care if people don’t agree with what i’m doing with my kid, or not doing? Nope! I sure don’t! And I know that i’m not going to please everyone. It’s like arguing politics or religion, pointless. No one’s ever going to budge, and why make them?

In my personal opinion, there is no ONE right way to parent a child. I’ve said that a billion times, I know, but it always needs to be said again because there are people out there who don’t believe that.

There are people out there who think that if you formula feed, you’re poisoning your child and they’re going to turn out retarded degenerates.. or if you’re breastfeeding in public it’s disgusting fowl and should be banned.
There are people who think that giving your child immunizations will rot their brains and give them autism, while others think NOT immunizing will bring back polio and the mumps.

Two sides to every story. You could argue for DAYS about the things someone could be doing differently with their kid. Things they could be doing more like you. What people should really be worrying about is their own kid and leaving others alone.

Sure, I have my own opinions on all of these things, but what’s the point of jumping on top of a soapbox and preaching about them?
I’ll give my opinion if it’s asked for, but otherwise I steer clear.

The other day I got my feathers ruffled a little and decided to bark back. Once again, the topic of circumcision is being tossed around, argued about.. people asking “Do I?” or “Don’t I?”
Holden is circumsized. It was a no brainer. Thomas and I didn’t even have to think twice about it. New baby will also be getting snipped, again- no thought necessary.
A lot of insurances have stopped covering circumcision altogether, stating that the procedure is “cosmetic” and not medically necessary.
Well, no, of course you don’t NEED to get your foreskin cut off. It’s not like needing a liver, or needing a heart.. but in my lifetime, I have never met a single person who wanted their foreskin BACK, only people who hadn’t gotten it done and either wished they had- or had so many infections & problems that they had to get it done as an adult (talk about traumatizing and painful!) I’m sure on the flip side that there are people i’ve met who are uncut and never had any problems.
I’m obviously biased because I believe in getting it done- but MAN oh man will people fight me about that. Likening it to a female child in third world countries having their clitoris cut off…
Which urks me. That’s done so that females don’t have any PLEASURE during sex. Foreskin, as far as I know, doesn’t do anything extra in the bedroom.

I’m not going to even begin to try to convince someone to get their little boy snipped. Do whatever you want with your kids pecker- just don’t try and tell me what to do with mine (er.. well.. my kids’)!
You wanna whip your tit out and let your kid have a snack? Go for it. Just don’t give me the stink eye when I pull out a bottle and mix up some formula instead.

Everyone should just back off and only give advice when it’s asked for. If there’s a differing opinion, just let it go- it’s an OPINION. Isn’t that what makes the world interesting is having different opinions?

I hope to never be a part of the “Holier than Thou Mom Club”- those ladies need to get out more often.
And by out.. preferably out and the hell away from me, because i’ll forever remain a member of the “I don’t give a fuck about your stupid opinion” club.

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  • Good post. There really isn’t too much to elaborate on this topic. People are pretty set in their ways, for the most part. The only thing you can do is either ignore people and do what you want, or tell them that you don’t care and do what you want. :o)

  • Oh apparently there was a lot to elaborate on considering the TWO PAGE comment on FORESKIN RESTORATION I just DENIED because it was completely ridiculous.

    If you feel “violated” because someone “took” your foreskin.. you need a hobby.

    If you have an issue with circumcising, then don’t do it!

    Good GOD people are DENSE!

  • Violated? Really? That sounds like it might stem from other issues not related to circumcision.

    I hear you on the infections part that comes without the circumcision. My brother has gone through all that, but his could just be a structural issue though. My nephew still somehow ended up with infections even after that. Some people are just more prone to infections!

    It wouldn’t be any question for us either if we had a boy. Dad is circumcised so kid will be circumcised too. Who cares what anyone else is going to do!

  • lol, I was just coming in here to say that I have witnessed huge online discussions with men talking about how violated they felt (and one who was having the restoration surgery). 😉 The husband and I have discussed it as well, and we will snip too if the need arises, but I’m not discussing it with ANYone, OMG. :O

  • Aren’t there better things to be wasting time and money on than foreskin restoration surgery and whining about how violated you feel? I mean, REALLY, is your life THAT empty without some extra skin over the head of your penis??

    Maybe, MAYBE, if Thomas weren’t snipped it would have been a discussion, but he is perfectly happy being so and finds the thought of NOT being circ’ed rather unappealing- as do I.

    I’d never marry a man who was so caught up on his missing foreskin that he whined in an online forum and wasted money getting new skin. ew.

  • I left the option up to sabe. Honestly I don’t have a penis so I left it up to the person who does and we’ve had both both snipped. Call me selfish if you will but I really don’t want to take care of it while they can’t do it themselves and try adn teach them to do it right and always worry about them doing it when they’re teenagers and being dirty and not necessarily showering every day, kwim? Eh… it’s just easier in the long run I say, lol.

  • We got Nolan circumcised and it was a disaster! I’m still VERY upset about it. His dick is butchered! It looks nothing at all like it is supposed to. He has to go see a pediatric urologist this month to see about getting some corrective surgery. I feel so bad. Even after all that i know if i have another boy i would get it done. I would just get a way better doctor to do it. Nolan might never have a normal looking peen.

  • it might not be as bad as you think. The problem with circumcisions is that doctors do NOT tell people how to properly care for them. Holden’s re-attached a couple of times and that was NOT fun yanking the skin back and hearing it tear like a bandaid. He still hasn’t grown into the excess skin and for a LONG time I never thought his penis would look normal.. it looks pretty normal now though.