The Overzealous Pottier

Every kid potty trains differently. What works for one.. probably won’t work for another (not exactly, anyways).
Potty training a boy vs. potty training a girl- supposedly completely different. The theory of ‘readiness’, elimination communication, timing, ages.. all kinds of factors and methods to think about- not to mention how stubborn your kid is when it comes to expelling urine from their bladder on command.

I’d probably never go as far as to say potty training is “hard”.. what’s so hard about it, really? The word i’d use is TEDIOUS. Well, tedious and annoying… and time consuming- but hard? No.

At my household we’ve been going at this whole potty thing for a really long ass time. Mostly my fault i’d have to say. I started Holden early, but never went full force with it. I didn’t think that would work for him- so easing into it seemed like the right way to go.
Ten months later? Still in the process of potty training. Much progress has been made, but there’s still a little ways to go before we’re DONE- and who knows how long that will take.

Still, i’m not really complaining. Holden will be potty trained before most kids his age (the national average just keeps creepin’ on up, and i’m gonna pull that curve back down, damnit!), even if he took a long time to get there.

There is ONE thing.. that I think most kids do at one point or another in their potty training journey that drives me absolutely insane. Holden has pulled the following stunt a few times but now that he gets closer and closer to being fully out of diapers, it has intensified tenfold.

Little kids become over-zealous pottiers. And what I mean by that is they will literally want to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes.
I don’t know if it’s the treats I give Holden that make him want to expell urine constantly (and I don’t know WHERE he gets all the urine from either). We started off with fruit snacks, which he grew tired of and then moved on to pieces of sweet cereal- he’s a huge fan of sugary cereal.. which is why he only gets it as a reward.

The repeat offenses started at bed time. We all hang out on the bed after Holden’s bath for about 30 minutes before he gets put in his own bed to go to sleep and watch TV together (Holden mostly just tries to attack Thomas or roll his fat ass off the edge the entire time but I digress). He used to never ask to go to the bathroom during this time.. I assume he’d just piss himself while sitting there, who knows.
Past two weeks or so? More and more he’s scooting to the edge, saying ‘Pee? pee? pee?’ and running to the bathroom. Usually not much comes out.. so why he refuses to hold it is beyond me. He does this about 3 times in 30 minutes. That’s a lot of potty time. As much as I don’t want to discourage him.. it gets reaaaally annoying going to the bathroom that often when you know he doesn’t really have to go. Still, I never deny him. The last thing I want is for him to STOP asking to go. Thomas on the other hand is a different story- bitches about Holden not being potty trained, bitches about taking him to the potty (yes, you do, so don’t leave a nasty comment or get your boxers in a twist because you know it’s true!).
Anyways- I understand the frustration, because Holden’s started doing it during the day time as well. And being a huge fat preggo who has a braxton hicks contraction every time I go from sitting to standing or vice-versa and intense pelvic pain makes it very hard to be encouraging or happy about taking the kid to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

Taking a step back and looking at it- yes, i’d much rather have him telling me he needs to go than not saying anything and pissing his pants. This is definitely the direction I want him to be going, it means we’re getting closer to being finished with this whole ridiculous process.. but when you’re in the moment and having to drag your ass to the bathroom for a couple of trickles? Not so fun or exciting.
Perhaps I should have prepared myself for running out of his precious potty treats today (a.k.a, Reese’s bites cereal).. but I didn’t expect him to shit on the potty 4 times in a row in under two hours. Holden’s a 1 poop a day kind of guy. And when he poops? He gets extra treats.. because poop is…. special?
With no other cereal in the house.. and not wanting to feed him cookies as a treat because that’s just too much sweetness when he’s going so often- I made the ultimate preggo sacrifice and gave him my snack. Yogurt covered raisins.
This is what I think caused the ultimate potty landslide today. The kid salivates at the THOUGHT of those things. After he realized those would not be his potty treats, he ran to the bathroom constantly saying ‘pee!’ and then ‘teat? teat?’ (that R sound sure is difficult!)
He also gets an extra treat for initiating potty time.. so there went half the bag.

Be careful what treats you give your kid! You want them to want the reward, you don’t want them to want the reward so badly that they run to the bathroom just expecting to get one for nothing and when you ask them to pee they let ONE drop out and get pissed when that isn’t good enough for their precious ‘teat.’

As I always say, with the good comes the bad! I think i’d be much more tolerant/happy about dragging my ass back and forth to & from the bathroom if I weren’t baking a womb cake.. but if it means Holden will be potty trained before baby #2 pops out, i’ll do whatever the hell it takes, screw my pelvis.

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  • Dude if Thomas starts complaining about Holden not being potty trained he can come to my house and see what a normal toddler boy his age does with a potty… nothing.

    Sabe gets irritated about Marcus bringing us to the potty when I know he jsut wants the skittles out of it. I never deny him either and I had to have a stern talking to with sabin to get him to quit being mean when Marcus is asking to go. Men! lol

  • If Holden just wants the treats, I tell him he can sit down and PISS. I don’t let him leave the bathroom until he pees if he is the one who initiated the potty trip in the first place.

    potty training is a big fat pain in the ass, so I see why Thomas gets urked- BUT- you can’t have it both ways! Either indulge every potty visit and suck up how annoying it is, or don’t bitch about how he isn’t potty trained yet.
    I deal with it ALL DAY every day 5 days a week so maybe I just have a higher tolerance for repeated visits to the restroom, who knows. I’m not complaining when Holden is actually ASKING to go though! Better that than the alternative

  • It was like that for a bit around here where she would just sit on the potty even if she didn’t have to go so she could get some candy out of it.

    That didn’t last SUPER long (it felt like it though but it was for a good month atleast) before she just started going to the potty by herself (You know how I am about nakedness around here which means less work for me in having to pull down underwear and pants and such).

    Now she’ll go on the potty and flush it by herself WITHOUT her potty chair on the toilet or even if I know if she #1 or #2 ed.

    It’s a long journey but it sounds like he’s doing SO much better than he was!

  • Omg, we went through that this past Saturday(plus other days sometimes) when we went out to eat at this Chinese restaurant we’ve fallen in love with. It’s a small mom and pop place, so Ally knows where the bathroom is. I swear we went 5 times in an hour. She might have actually peed twice? Idk what she loves about their potty, but she kept asking to go!!! Every time we did and nothing happened, we would tell her not to tell us she had to go unless she really had to. So we’re just doing that when she asks to go and nothing happens!!

    D gets irritated too when I tell Ally to ask Daddy to take her, but sometimes I’m in the middle of something and after doing it all day, well damn I’d like a break right?! LOL Before she wouldn’t go with him AT ALL, so I think he needs to take a different look at things. We are the ones doing it day in and day out, all during the work week!

  • Holden doesn’t ever go to the potty if he DOESN’T have to go.. he just doesn’t have to go MUCH. He can squeeze some out just for a treat, that’s the annoying part. Kid can pee on command and all the time in between too. He knows if he initiates potty time, he’s peeing, regardless of how long it takes. And I take his toys away after a couple of minutes so we aren’t in there long.

    I haven’t had to force him to go all day. I’ve been trying to push back potty time to every 30 minutes but he initiates way before then. Argh!