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My issues with my local freecycle have been well documented on this blog in recent past ( here and here), and while I know all of my suspicions about the tyrannical “owner” (aka: power hungry psychotic bitch of a moderator) were true, it’s hard to know if anyone else in the area feels the same. I definitely wasn’t going to go out of my way to e-mail random members of the community to see if they had been crapped all over like I had been… but i’d say it was a fair assumption to think I wasn’t the only one having issues with the moron in charge and who was sick of how poorly it’s ran.

Today was a day for validation. No longer do I feel alone in my deep-seeded hatred for power-tripping sausage fingered landbeasts with too much time on their hands.

I’ve basically left freecycle alone. I didn’t change a damn thing I was ‘told’ to change, I didn’t bother responding to the moderator’s email.. none of it seemed worth getting hot & bothered about- and saying any more to that woman would really only end up getting me in more ‘trouble.’
Another member didn’t feel like sitting back and doing nothing was the right approach and was obviously sick of the bullshit, because I, as well as every other member of local freecycle got this message in our inboxes today:

[nn-va-freecycle] Moderators on here are JERKS!!
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 3:15 PM
From: {redacted}@yahoo.com
To: nn-va-freecycle@yahoogroups.com

DO YOU IDIOT MODERATORS REALIZE THIS IS A FREE GROUP? How many people offer stuff on here??? A lot! So lighten up and quit sending dumb over controlling emails- for the rest of you who are tire of the Nazi style control freaks on here, check out craigslist. There’s more than a few comments on the Newport News freecycle group.”

A sense of happiness suddenly overcame me and the only thing I could do was laugh hysterically.. and of course, respond to the girl with a nice big “AMEN!”
It’s always a nice feeling to know that you have NOT overreacted to a situation, and that others feel exactly the same as you do. This chick just had the balls to let everyone know.

She responded to me a few minutes later saying that, of course, she had promptly been removed from the freecycle group.. because of course, moron-moderator can’t handle anyone challenging her reign. Talk about a dictatorship. Not only had she been removed, but she was trying to OFFER something to freecycle and got in trouble. Wow. Just wow.

Not even an hour went by before this little gem showed up in everyone’s inbox (it of course, is long winded, poorly punctuated, and downright stupid, but here it is in its entirety):

[nn-va-freecycle] Admin re Rude, Idiotic, Nazi Owners/Mods
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 4:14 PM
“Ann” {moron@yahoo.com}
To: nn-va-freecycle@yahoogroups.com

Only posts related to the Offer, Wanted, Taken, or Received of free recycled items may be posted on our groups message board.
No comment, complaints, criticism, etc are permitted on the board.
Members posting inappropriately on our board WILL be removed from membership without further warning.

To contact us with comments, or about problems, please use this address to contact us.
owners_and_moderato rs-nn-va@ yahoogroups. com

All members are required to read, understand, and comply with the rules and posting format of this group.
Please cooperate if you are contacted by a Mod/Owner with a reminder/reprimand.
If you are unhappy with the way this group is run…please feel free to unsub from this group, and offer your items on craigslist or other similar sites. Please do not offer items on other groups on the same day that you offer them on our group.

Our rules are based on suggestions and guidelines required by the National freecycle group…Some rules and formatting requirements are modified to best serve our groups needs.

Please Note…..
We are all volunteers with jobs, families, and
other personal obligations. ….yet donate a LOT
of our time to keep this group running as smoothly as it does.
Thank you for your attention.
(chief idiot/nazi)Owner. ..NNfreecycle .”

I love that she gives an e-mail for people to complain to, when we all know full well that complaining will NOT be tolerated by Big-Boss-Ann.

Her failed attempt at humor by calling herself ‘chief-idiot/nazi’ is really more irony than anything- little late for humor there, lady!

We’re just supposed to sit back and ‘cooperate’ with being crapped all over, condescended to, and being treated like bad puppies because you said so? People don’t work that way, especially when it’s unwarranted (as it was in my case, and as it seemed to be in the chick’s case who was removed for finally saying what everyone has been thinking).

My curiosity at this point was ferocious so I did happen to wander over to the local craigslist page and search for freecycle comments, where I found a few colorful comments on how my local freecycle is ran by morons and no other city is ran this way. Can’t we vote this lady off? I mean, if it’s community run.. shouldn’t we as the community have a say as to who is in charge? That would only be fair.

I’d like to impeach the bitch, or since she thinks she’s Queen of all that is Freecycle- dethrone her.. and then behead her and offer it to her fallen kingdom.

Nothing to report other than that. I’m going to bed smiling tonight! Queen Ann is probably going to bed with her size XXXL Granny Panties in a serious bunch though.

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  • XXXL. Hehehe.

    These people are ridiculous. I think you should be able to call a vote and impeach/disband her from her high throne.

    It’s only fair… What gives her the authority to be able to run it anyway? Was she the first to set it up?