Get off my bladder!!

Yes, it’s that time again: whine time. I’m not going to go as far as to throw myself a pity party.. but I will say- if you carry your baby low during pregnancy, MAN do I feel your pain!

Holden was always low, always head down, always squeezing my bladder. I don’t think I ever “dropped” because there was nowhere for him to go.. or maybe because I was induced early and he didn’t get the chance, regardless.. the kid sat lower than was ever comfortable for me.

I had high hopes with this pregnancy earlier on. It looked like baby was sitting just a tad higher, ANY little bit helps- seriously.. so I thought “Hey, maybe my bladder won’t get squeezed so hard making me feel like I constantly have to pee and only be able to get a few drops out”

Yeah.. not so much. Never did I have the pleasure of sneezing and dripping a little pee out with Holden (and even patted myself on the back a few times about my uber bladder control), whereas this time around.. I hate to say it- but it’s happened more times than i’d care to admit, with the worst incident ending up in my peeing on the floor like a dog that desperately needs to be put down.

The nurse at the doctor’s office likes to say it just comes with the territory of being pregnant for the second time. All the pelvic pain, weaker walls and things of that nature- but I think this kid is a hell of a lot more stubborn and feels the need to be best friends with my hips & bladder. I’d prefer them to be mortal enemies, but what can I do?

A friend made a comment about my belly today saying it looks like my stomach is melting, that’s how low the damn thing is.

Kind of like a teardrop, no?

For those doubting the difference between a Holden belly and this belly, here’s the same amount of weeks along with Holden:

If that’s not bigger & lower.. I must be blind! It might be just because i’m carrying this weight around, but it even looks heavier to me. Ugh!

These last weeks are going to be a game of limbo- how low can it go? Will he spread himself upwards? I already feel him in my ribs trying to dig buried treasure out of the crevices, although he doesn’t look like he’s up there.. oh he is. He’s everywhere.
PLEASE, child, move up. No more going out, no more going down.. just go UP!! Up is fun! It will be spacious and much more comfortable than cuddling a pee filled bladder and bony old hips, I promise!

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  • I would say that you can always hope that he would move around your stomach (like a sideways watermelon), but yea right.

    It just looks painful to carry that much weight directly on the front lower half of your stomach. It’s almost as if at any moment the sheer weight of it could make you topple over.


  • yeah, he’s REALLY low. And you don’t want him to move sideways… I was transverse and mom should have had a csection with me but went 19 hours before i finally turned and popped out. I can’t believe how low he is! there’s no way you don’t have a few more weeks on you. I looked like taht at 36 with Jamie