From 0 to mega-preggo in 2.3 seconds

Over the weekend, it seems like my body has gone down a very fast, very aggressive downward spiral.
Being uncomfortable is one thing. That’s just something you have to learn to suck up and deal with when you’re lugging around so much extra weight in one part of your body- weight that kicks and hiccups and pushes and rolls around constantly. It’s part of the territory- like it or not, especially in the final inning of pregnancy.

I can remember pretty vividly the aches and pains of the third trimester of pregnancy with Holden. My back hurt, my feet hurt, it was hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in.. I was pissing like a racehorse upwards of 20 times a day, and the swelling that made me look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man was pretty uncomfortable as well. Most of the pain, though, came from having high blood pressure (which caused some serious headaches) and regular braxton hicks.

With this pregnancy, I was determined not to let any of that get to me. The last thing I want to be is a big round lump on the couch when I have a toddler to look after and things to get done around the house that just can’t wait. I like being productive, I like being active.. I like feeling like I haven’t wasted an entire day doing jack shit- because that’s basically what I had to do while pregnant with Holden because of the modified bed rest I found myself stuck on.
I look forward to the weekends because Holden and I don’t get out much during the week- WAY too much of a hassle to try and drag that kid around town when he weighs so much and putting him down and letting him walk beside me is just not an option. So basically our day consists of playing inside, maybe playing in the front yard if it isn’t sweltering outside (pregnancy sweating is the least attractive thing that I think has ever happened to me), eating & napping. When the weekend comes along, since Thomas is around, I like to get the hell OUT of the house to save my sanity. I also like to scrub the house down.

My body had different ideas this weekend, that’s for sure.

Y’know that pelvis pain i’ve been talking about? I think I underestimated it. And i’m not so sure it has anything to do with exercising anymore.
The weekend is my break from working out, so any aches and pains i’m feeling from the exercises I do fades by mid-day Saturday- including the ‘shattering pelvis’ pain.

Not this weekend. Oh my.
When 1pm Saturday hit, I found myself wanting to do nothing but sit.. but since we had errands to run and no way in hell was I sitting my round ass in the house on the weekend, I pushed on. By pushed on, it was more like a very slow waddle/hobble.
My body was screaming by bed time, I felt sick (yes.. that kind of sick, again), exhausted, and just DONE.
Third trimester means waking up to pee multiple times during the night.. but this became one of the most painful tasks i’ve ever tried to accomplish. The pain in my hips/pelvis area was so intense I could hardly walk, and every time I got out of bed to hobble myself to the bathroom I was hit with a braxton hicks contraction.
You know it’s bad when you have to put your hands down on the toilet FIRST, and then lower your ass down.

I felt a little better by morning, made breakfast, started cleaning.. and the pain returned. Nothing too unbearable, so once again, I pushed myself and made us leave the house. Bad bad bad worst idea ever.
We went to the mall and tried to find Holden a new (affordable) pair of shoes since his feet are expanding once again, and by the time we left (we couldn’t have even been there an hour), I could hardly walk. Literally, could barely move. Did I mention it was raining on the long walk back to the car?

It’s really only been downhill from there. Every time I think the pain in my pelvis can’t get worse, it does. Every time I think baby can’t kick any harder, or pinch nerves any tighter, or stomp my cervix with any more force- he tends to surprise me and I find myself shouting out loud in pain (imagine the looks I get).

This would make sense to me if I were.. say.. 35 weeks pregnant or more. Especially in the last 2 weeks.. but I have TEN weeks to go. Right now I really don’t know how i’m going to do it if the pain is only going to get worse. I’ve never felt so much pain, and I thought Holden’s pregnancy was the worst it could possibly get.

As much as I didn’t want to be the whiner this time, I wanted to be the on-the-go-preggo.. That vision is slowly fading away and i’m not sure what i’m going to do.
Is this pain normal?? I still have 1/4 of my pregnancy left, assuming I go to 40 weeks, and my body is really just quitting on me. My clothes are quitting on me too- most of the stuff I bought specifically for pregnancy is too damn tight and/or chaffing the hell out of me.

It feels like someone’s playing a big fat joke on me, and i’m actually a hell of a lot more pregnant then i’m being told just to see me walk through Wal-Mart and have my water break in front of a crowd of people just to watch me freak out.
… I’ll admit, I wish that were true! I’m a pretty tough bitch but this is really getting the best of me!

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  • Yeah… you shouldn’t be having those pains at this point. I was having those at 34 ish weeks. I’m thinking you might be a bit further than you’re being told, specially since there wasn’t sex, lol! plan to go a bit early!

  • haha, right??

    I’d really like baby not to come until October.. hell, even November- just not ready, still have SO much to do..

    this pregnancy is just straight up confusing. I know my fundal height at 30 weeks was 32, but I suppose they still consider that in the “normal” range so they didn’t say anything about how I may be further along. And they think i’m crazy when I tell them the supposed conception date is literally impossible
    “oh you must have forgotten a time you had sex!”
    uh, no, I was REMODELING and didn’t get home at night until like 3am, there was NO SEX

  • We might need to consider getting the baby’s room ready sometime soon. 😀

    I don;t want to have that surprise, we are on the way to the hospital at 90mph feeling. I just don’t think it does well for blood pressure. 😛

  • Not to mention they changed hospitals on me and now I have to deliver at the stupid one that’s farther away instead of the one right down the road. GRRR