Dreaming of vacations

I won’t lie, there are times I think about what life would be like sans children. I don’t think I know a single mother who doesn’t think of how life would be.
Mostly, I think it would be pretty dull and redundant, but the one thing I do miss on a regular basis is traveling.

Sure, i’ve been all over this country and to parts of Canada, but as far as traveling across the ocean and visiting the other side of the world? Haven’t done it, and would love to. With kids it just seems like way too much of a hassle to pull off.. but maybe once the kids are grown (and Thomas and I will still be relatively young) it will be something we can finally do.

Hopefully around that time there will still be websites like Choosetotravel.com that offer really cheap rates on hotels, flights, etc in the UK (guaranteed, actually).
Manchester would be nice this time of year ( Manchester Hotels )..

Really anywhere would be nice this time of year! I’d just like to travel in general.. and do so cheaply. Traveling is far too expensive these days without finding the best deal possible.. I worry how it will be when i’m actually able to really put it into consideration.

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