The downside to blogging & social networking websites

It leaves me with nothing to talk about in person!

I have a myspace, a facebook, and this blog. If you read all three of those things, then you have a pretty good sense of what’s going on in my life on a daily basis.

While i’m not online constantly (Holden wouldn’t stand for it!) I do make it a point to keep everything very well updated, to post about my random thoughts here and there- and while this blog might not talk about daily occurances all the time it definitely tells a lot of the stories i’d tell someone if I were to see them face to face.

Is there more to my life than what I post on my pages? Of course, but I think the most interesting stuff (at least to me) gets published for the world (or just my friends, since my Myspace and Facebook are private) to read and hopefully laugh or cringe along with me.

Obviously, I wouldn’t post things if I didn’t want people to read them.. that just wouldn’t make any sense..

But put yourself in my shoes for a minute.
I’m not claiming my blog to be extremely well read, but a LOT of my family and friends come here to read on a regular basis. Hopefully not just to lurk but because they enjoy reading what I have to say and maybe find it funny or they can relate..
but again, imagine:
You sit down with someone and go to tell them about what’s going on in your life and they say:
“Oh yeah, I read that in your blog!”
…. Well, damn, there goes my conversation topic! Can’t make a funny quip if you’ve already read it!

Tonight my Dad came over and basically already knew that my pelvis is hurting, that i’m having trouble getting people to RSVP, and that I accidentally baked 6 dozen cookies because smartie-pants me didn’t realize the recipe would yield so much.

If it weren’t for Holden running around in his brand-spankin’ new boxer briefs, I might not have had anything left to say!
Side note: Another plus to having kids: You always have something to talk about.. though you have to be careful of your audience because not everyone is going to want to talk about the consistency or frequency of your child’s bowel movements.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining in the slightest.. I guess i’m just not used to the little bit of ‘exposure’ going on. It’s a weird feeling having everyone know your business all the time, but I put myself here and i’m not going anywhere, so maybe now my first question when I see someone I know should be: ‘Did you read my blog?’

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  • The new technological world has made it very easy for everyone to keep up with everyone else. Unless, you dont keep up with your end of the bargain and let the word out.

    It’s really no surprise that people know all about everything. With your blog and your constant updates, people should be asking more questions about what I am doing. I never update anything. I get on there to see what others have updated, but nothing is ever going on with me. :oP

    You are right though, Holden does new things every minute, so it’s not hard to find something to talk about that you haven’t posted. Like, he just recited the ABC’s when he was reading his book earlier (I pointed at every letter and he said it).