The ball has dropped

And by ‘ball’, what I really mean is my baby bulge. I really never should have said “I don’t think he can get any lower!” because sure enough, today he did.

Usually, and this goes for both pregnancies, my stomach- while low- sits at full attention outwards. It’s what a lot of people call a “basketball tummy” which I guess is typical for carrying a boy. It makes for some uncomfortable skin tugging, but I much prefer that to where baby is now sitting.. and that is out and OVER the waistbands of my pants.
I almost feel like a mega fat person with the tummy that hangs OVER the pubic mound (I hate that term but it works). Beer belly? Pot Belly? Yeah, that’s sort of what it resembles.

As Mr. Schwarzenegger would say: “It’s not a tumor!”
It definitely didn’t help the new pressure/pain i’m feeling on top of all the other pain i’ve been feeling to be walking around all day trying to get crap done. As much as I always say i’m going to take it easy over the weekend and veg out, it NEVER happens. There’s so much to do i’d end up spending the whole day stressing myself out over what I should be doing.

I’ve been tempted for the past few days (but especially today) to tell people that i’m due tomorrow when they ask when this sucker is going to come screaming into the world (and they ask quite often) just to see if they’d believe me. From the way I hobble around and hold the bottom of my belly up to relieve some of the added weight out front, they’d probably believe me.

There were a few times I suspected Holden ‘dropped’, but I don’t think he ever fully did. Not like this anyways.. and definitely not so early.
The worst part next to waddling like a duck with a massive crap in his pants is that most of my maternity shirts no longer cover the bottom of my stomach- causing a peek-a-boo effect. It’s side-boob for pregnancy… only a lot less sexy… unless you’re into that kind of thing. That made me shudder a little to write. I can say that as much as I don’t believe all the hype about Old Wives Tales when it comes to gender determination.. if I didn’t know from photographic evidence that this child was a boy yet, i’d most definitely know now.

I much prefer the feeling of my ribs being yanked apart than hiccups in my hipbone upwards of 6 times per day.
Baby is playing a game of limbo, how low CAN he go??

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  • You never know, he might go back up. Jamesen did. He dropped so that none of my shirts covered my lower belly and then all the sudden they did again and he was up HIGH! Good luck 🙂