Baby shower insanity

Well known fact: things NEVER go exactly as you planned when throwing a party!

I apparently did not allot myself enough time to prepare this morning when I thought i’d have plenty of extra time before guests started arriving for the shower.
The cookie pies were still in the process of being made (not even in the oven yet), the drinks weren’t out, the games weren’t totally finished and ready to play, shortcakes not prepared.. the list goes on and on.

Luckily for me, I have friends who were more than happy to lend a helping hand- and even told me to sit down and take a break and let them finish up (even though that didn’t happen!)
A very hands-on baby shower, and this time- I swear i’m going to be on top of sending out thank you cards to everyone! Made much easier by the fact that everyone got me pretty much the same thing. Diapers and/or formula. May not seem too exciting but I was pretty happy- was exactly what we’d asked for.

Due to preggo brain, my poor cookie pies didn’t make it. People were filtering in the door as I was still pressing the edges and finishing up, so I threw them in the oven and then….. totally forgot.
Ten minutes too late to the oven meant rock hard burnt to a crisp cookie pies. Yuck.
I was so sad! The cookie dough tasted amazing, and the pictures I saw on the blog I follow looked so tasty that it was a huge disappointment. Of course, no one else cared. There was fresh baked peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread that was flying off the table and one of my friends brought a cucumber tomato salad that was a hit- but those damn pies were supposed to be my crowning “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!” glory.
Now, I will have to remake them out of spite for my stupid preggo brain. Just so happens I still have a full pie crust left and an entire batch of cookie dough as well since the recipe didn’t use all that much in the first place.

I suppose if that’s the worst that happened, I should consider the day a victory. Do I wish more people had shown up? Of course. There isn’t much I can do to control other people though. People who want to come are going to, people who don’t aren’t, and people who are flakes are going to flake- it’s the way of the world. The people who DID show up though, were awesome, and it seemed like everyone had a really good time.

Everyone but my feet, who by the end of the day had toes that looked like over stuffed red sausages.

The one comment I heard more than anything else? “No way you’re due in October!”
Yes, folks, I am telling the truth when I say i’m huge! Most preggos may be offended at the notion that everyone thinks they’re much larger than their due date would infer- but not me. I already know i’m a roving landbeast, and i’ve felt from the beginning that my due date had to be wrong (although at first I thought I was due in November). It was confirmation that i’m not crazy in thinking I could very well be a little farther along than previously assumed (and when you take into account the fact that the ultrasound tech for my first two ultrasounds is the same one who told me Holden was 5lbs when he was 7).

I’m happy the day is over. No more stressing about the baby shower…
Now I can move on to stressing about Holden’s birthday party, which I have not even begun to plan yet.
Ugh. if it’s not one thing it’s another!! And once that’s over? New baby comes. I will never get to rest!

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  • BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I lost my entire comment.

    Short version:
    We know where it will be.
    We know what our present to him will be.
    We know what the theme is going to be (most likely).
    We hope more people show up.


  • I’m glad things were pretty much a success! That sucks about your pies, but at least you have enough left over to give it another try! Your mind was right where it should be-on the baby shower anyway! 😛

    I’ve been searching and searching for Dora stuff for Ally’s party. I’m finding “Out of Stock” on some things. Figures when it’s such a popular character, ugh!

  • Have you tried the Factory Card Outlet if you have one nearby? I’m SURE they have dora stuff!