What to get the man that has everything?

Every year when my Dad’s birthday comes along, I moan and groan about never having ANY idea what to get him. Literally, the man has pretty much everything he could want.. and what he doesn’t have, there’s no way I could ever dream of affording (and he wouldn’t dream of me buying for him).
When I was little, my mom had my brother and I get him a tie, or a sweater.. easy enough. As I got older and did my own shopping it became much harder, and I always felt like he never used any of the things I got him (same with Christmas gifts).
With Christmas, it’s easy to get away with giving people photo frames with your oh-so cute child in them, once you have one.
Not so much for a birthday.. and I don’t really like giving gift cards. As much as my Dad loves books, there’s only so many years I would feel good about giving him a Barnes & Noble card or something of that ilk.

So I started brainstorming this year.. what DO you get the man that has everything? And it hit me.. the way to a man is through his stomach. And if you’ve seen my Dad, you know he loves to eat (no offense, Dad! Not that you’ll read this, but it’s true).
So what does he like that I can make? I can’t make much.. but i’m on a baking spree.. so maybe I could BAKE him something.

I remembered back to a conversation with him about what he eats for lunch at work. Every day, for the past 20+ years (probably 30) he has eaten two peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and nothing else. Every single day. Sounds insane, right? You’d think the man would want to switch it up every now and then, but no.. he really likes PB&Js that much.

So the search began. Since i’m on a banana bread spree, I thought.. maybe I could make a PB&J banana bread.
No recipes for that really exist. I searched long and hard for one, too. While I fear improving, I had a little time to play around with recipes (hence all the photos of breads last week).

So, my final PB&J bread for my dad is in the oven.. and I swear to god he’d better like it because i’ve been slaving away to make something he loves for weeks now!
People raved over the first PB&J bread I made.. even though I couldn’t taste the peanut butter, so I know i’m on the right track.

Maybe if it sucks, he’ll be so stuffed full of the spaghetti and meatballs i’m feeding him he won’t notice that it tastes bad.
Not that he’d really care anyways.. since he inhales his food.

Oh- if you’re reading this and are related to me- Don’t ruin the surprise, damnit! I know you’re all a bunch of gossipers!

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  • Ohhhh, I can smell it!!!! I bet it tastes similar to these m&ms that are out now. They have the two m&ms dressed up like transformers lol. It’s peanut butter and strawberry flavor!

  • i’ve had those! those things are funky tasting lol. I really did want to do strawberry peanut butter bread but my dad doesn’t like any kind of jelly but grape