Taking a peek inside my uterus

Today was the day of my big fancy 4d ultrasound. Yes, i’ve already had one to determine gender- but it’s much different when your baby finally has some meat on its bones compared to looking like a bird with a bicycle helmet on.
I made the appointment over 12 weeks ago, so i’d informed EVERYONE very far in advance of when it was and that they’d sure as shit better be there. It seems like these days you can’t really rely on people to keep their words anymore, even with advance notice and a sense of importance.
Just as suspected, about 95% of the people who had said they wanted to/would come to the ultrasound bailed at the last second. I’ve tried very hard this pregnancy to try and include everyone who is important to me- so it definitely stung a little to know that hardly anyone was going to show. I got so wrapped up in being upset about it that I almost forgot the whole reason I made the appointment in the first place.

It’s no secret that i’ve had trouble getting excited at all about this pregnancy. From it being incredibly unexpected and unplanned, to him having a penis and not a vajay.. to the sheer panic I feel when I think about having two young children in the house at once- it’s just been incredibly hard to get around all of that and get down to what’s really important: the baby.

I’ve talked before about how much support I put behind 4d ultrasounds, today definitely solidified that in stone. Being able to actually SEE the evil kick monster that’s growing inside of me like an angry African tape worm is an instant bonding experience. Now instead of panic and terror.. I feel panic and excitement.
I guess it helps that he is ridiculously cute with the chubbiest cheeks i’ve ever seen (leading me to believe that I am farther along than 28 weeks, but she wasn’t allowed to say).

Now I really feel like his mommy and not just his host/carrier vessel/incubator.
(if you live in my area and are preggo, or get preggo, I really suggest you check out http://www.funfetalphotos.com you won’t regret it!)

I could spam this entire blog with pictures of him- unlike Holden he actually cooperated and let us take about 40 pictures of his face (there’s the first proof of opposite babies!), but i’ll just share a few of my favs so you can ooohhh and aahhhh with me.

Try and tell me that isn’t the cutest face you’ve ever seen. I know all mom’s think their kid is “OMG CUTEST THING EVER!” so yes, i’m biased. Can’t help it.

This is one of the only pictures where I think he looks a lot like Holden. I’ve decided they definitely have the same chin and look similar from profile view- but other than that they are very very different. Different nose, different mouth definitely.

No, your eyes do not deceive you. This is a shot of his legs.. but more importantly- what’s hanging there between them. SCROTUM SHOT! He did not miraculously turn female overnight. Unless that is the largest pair of labia on earth… yeah, not a girl.

There’s just no way not to love that face- and I can’t wait to squeeze those cheeks!

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  • speaking from experience here… leading up to having two kids is TEN TIMES WORSE than having two kids. I’ve just kinda done the same thing I’ve always done… with one arm. It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be and both my kids have been super fussy/a hellian the last two days and I still say that.

  • He is very cute. I see some similarities in their appearance, but I wouldn’t say Holden clone at all. You should’ve posted a link to the video that we made last night (although it did take us until almost 2 am to finish it).

  • That made me go flip through Ally’s photo album to see her 3D pics. *swoon* LOL Seriously, I’m getting over it now… Once Ally wakes up in the morning and continues to be a little devil, I will REALLY be over it. 😛