The return of teething?

It’s funny- in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t very long ago at all that Holden was cutting teeth left and right.. but in the mind of a parent, it seems like an eternity.
Maybe not for most kids, I know plenty around Holden’s age who don’t have nearly as many as he does, but he got his teething out of the way VERY early. Began cutting his first two teeth before he was 4 months old, and was almost finished by the time he turned one. And he never cut one tooth at a time. It was anywhere from two teeth, to six teeth at a time (they didn’t all actually CUT at the same time, but man were they all super swollen and ready to poke through simultaneously.) This was hell at the time.. pure hell, Holden is not a happy teether in the slightest- but it’s made for blissful teething free months in the meantime.

All he’s had left to cut for months now are his 2 year molars (4 teeth total). I had always figured since he cut all of his other teeth so early, that those would be early as well.. but there’s never been any sign of them and he’s quickly approaching the 2 year mark.
I suppose it doesn’t help that it’s impossible to get him to open his mouth wide enough to get a good look back there and see if there’s anything at all going on. It was much easier when he was teething on all of his front teeth to know that that was the issue.

While Holden definitely has his cranky moments, i’d say for the most part he’s a pretty well-behaved kid.
Past few days? Pod child. Everything makes him throw a fit. Everything sets him off. Some might assume this is just the terrible two’s rearing its ugly head, but I don’t think so. I don’t think one day a kid wakes up and is suddenly a total monster just because of the terrible twos. It seems like that starts off slow and works its way up to full-blown bratty kid. Holden got all of the mega-brat tendencies out of the way rather early and by no means is he fully over the hump, but like I said, for the most part he’s pretty good.
So when he woke up Friday morning and it just seemed like he’d rolled out of the wrong side of the bed and had taken a turn for the bratty- I had a feeling something was up.

Here comes the part where teething so long ago in my mind starts to become a hindrance and not so much blissful anymore. It’s all very fuzzy in my mind. The symptoms he exhibited where I just KNEW he was teething in the past? Don’t remember them.
Is he drooling more than usual? When he cries, yes, but otherwise, not really.. and I don’t recall him being super drooly when he was teething in the past anyways.
Is he chewing on things? Meh, I wouldn’t say any more than usual. He’s always been a ‘hand to mouth’ kind of kid.
He seems to be sleeping just fine- but once again, I can’t remember if teething ever really affected his sleep in the past.

I can’t really think of anything else that would be making him act so insane, though. And the timing seems just about right for those evil molars to be worming their way through his gums.

Most of me hopes it IS teething, because it would give me a solid rational explanation as to why my child woke up completely different and evil… and this teeny tiny little part of me is dreading the next few days to few weeks (’cause who the hell knows how long they’ll take to actually cut if it is teething) because the one thing I DO remember about teething is how miserable it makes him.

If it’s not teething?
Whomever crept into my house at night and stole my normal child and replaced him with a monster needs to GIVE HIM BACK. I am not amused!

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  • He has been pretty obnoxious recently. More so than I would like. He has been very clingy and not wanting to go to bed. The other night he woke up at 4am and every time I left the room he would start to cry again.

    Let’s hope that somehow he regains his composure. I don’t like having to regulate him every other minute because he is throwing a little temper tantrum.

  • I hate teething. It’s a pain for both the child and the parents!!! I am hoping the same thing is going on around here or else I will have to continue dying my hair. I’ll have a head of gray hair to cover up, lol!