Return of the Mutant Pod Baby part 5 billion

Small children never cease to confuse me. As soon as I think I have things figured out (for the most part anyways), something else weird pops up to totally throw me through a loop.

Today started out like any other. Holden woke up in a pretty jovial mood, which continued throughout the morning. He was peeing his diapers like crazy, which isn’t normal anymore now that we’re seriously into the potty training routine (we normally only go through 1 or 2 diapers a day, and those he doesn’t even pee much in), but I honestly didn’t think much of it.

Lunch went well, slow, but good. He ate everything on his plate.. I was proud.

Then it was nap time. Easy to go down, seemed to be sleeping heavily and then less than two hours in to his usual 3 hours + he woke up.
Ok, no big deal, short naps happen. I can’t ALWAYS expect a 3.5 hour nap, he is a toddler.. and toddlers love to change things up on you when you’re least expecting it.

I noticed his forehead was extremely warm. Checked his cheeks and the rest of him, regular temperature. Weird? Usually a fever makes the whole body hot.. and comes along with fussiness. Holden was his regular happy self, so again, I didn’t think much of it.
Hours passed, and still his forehead was burning up, and now his chest and stomach were hot too. Still no fussiness, no coughing, no sniffling, nothing to tell me he wasn’t feeling well.. so what to do? I’m not really a fan of giving him tylenol when he isn’t acting like he feels bad- seems kind of pointless- and the only thermometer we have is a rectal..
That may have worked when he was smaller and couldn’t wiggle and run away- but sticking a thermometer up an ornery toddler’s butt? Yeah.. probably wasn’t going to happen.

As the day progressed into early evening, he started to seem a little sluggish. His eyes looked a little red and heavy (probably something only Thomas or I would notice), and really all he seemed to want to do was sit and read books or watch TV. Still seemed relatively happy though.
Now.. Holden, when sick (which isn’t often) is a HUGE whiner, like most people of the male persuasion. He lets it be known when he doesn’t feel well, and LOUDLY.
I was a little concerned about how warm he was, but it still didn’t seem like much to worry about.

And then dinner comes along.
Holden would not eat. Not even his favorite ‘vegetable’ in the world- tomatoes.
I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again- Holden is an eater. He has never been what I would consider the slightest bit picky, doesn’t typically refuse meals.. he’s just generally a good eater. We’re lucky in that aspect- so when he doesn’t eat I know something is up.

You can’t force a child to eat. You can shove the food in their mouth, but if they don’t want it you’d better believe they’ll spit it right back out.. so honestly it’s kind of pointless to even try (unless they haven’t eaten several meals in a row, but that’s different). So we gave up and decided it was shower time.. but before that? Tylenol.
Yeah.. the tylenol wasn’t happening. He screamed, he gagged, he screamed some more. It got to the point where I had to strip him down, pick him up, and hold him the entire time he was in the shower. Again, not normal. He loves shower/bath time. He loves to play, he loves to splash.. so him holding onto me for dear life and telling me “Nooooo” every time I asked him if he wanted to get down? Another sign there was definitely something going on with him.
Getting him ready for bed and trying to finally get him to swallow that dose of tylenol didn’t go much better- let’s just put it that way.

What could be wrong? He’s already had roseola (which is basically just a fever, and then the fever breaks and they get a rash), which you’re only supposed to be able to get one time. There’s no runny nose, no coughing, no throwing up..
Again the thought crosses my mind that maybe it’s FINALLY those pesky molars.. but i’ve thought that before only for nothing to come of it.
At the same time-no way in hell is Holden letting me even get the smallest peek at the very back of his mouth in order to find out.. and if you’ve had a teething child you know they can be fussy about ONE damn tooth for weeks. Oh, the joys of parenting!

I’m thinking tonight might be ‘one of those nights’.. you know the ones- your kid wakes up repeatedly screaming and you just end up giving up and bringing them into bed with you- dosing them with tylenol, and praying to all that is holy that they fall asleep so that YOU can sleep?
Yeah, that kind of night.

Only time will tell, keep your friggin’ fingers crossed for me. Crazy preggo over here needs her sleep!

Watch- Holden will wake up tomorrow, just fine, no fever, no nothin’.. and once again i’ll be left to wonder: “WTF??!?!”

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  • Let’s hope its one of those WTF nights. I dont like the nights when Holden wakes up and wont go back to bed.

    So far (1:45am) he has slept.

  • I hope he’s feeling better. Sometimes it is just a viral thing and really that is that. We had a bout here about a month ago.

    As for getting your child to take medicine. Marilyn will only take medicine out of ONE dropper, which happens to be from an old bottle of baby tylenol. So I had to fill up the empty bottle with children’s ibuprofen and I have to let her give it to herself. That is the ONLY way she will take the stupid medicine.

  • That sucks that Holden was feeling crappy. We went through that too shortly after we got home. It was so nice that everyone came into our house talking and carrying on while Ally was trying to sleep about how they were going to go home, MIL kidless and Carla saying how her mom was going to keep Richard(Timothy’s always a given) for a while so she could get some sleep. They woke Ally up and we had to let her sleep in our bed. Not exactly what we wanted after a WEEK STRAIGHT of exactly that.

    Sorry, I digress. I hope he’s all better now. Probably like Michelle said, just a virus or something.