Psychic Link or Crazy Preggo

I’ve been convinced since my womb leech started kicking that he and Holden have some kind of weird psychic connection. Not that they’re ‘talking’ to eachother, but I do feel like they are very aware of one another’s existence.
Some of it could very well be purely coincidence, but there are certain things they do that send my mind spinning.

It started, as I said, with the kicking. Baby #2 doesn’t usually kick for other people. Thomas in particular. A lot of times, as soon as Thomas puts his hand on my stomach- baby stops moving altogether. Thomas probably used to think I was crazy for saying baby was kicking so early because he wouldn’t perform like a circus monkey and move on command.
However, as soon as Holden would lay his head on my stomach, baby began kicking up a storm. Even more than usual.
I never expected Holden to even begin to comprehend that there’s a baby in my belly- but it’s seemed like he’s had some kind of clue very early on. From petting my stomach, to snuggling it, to kissing it- and even sharing his pacifier.. he knows there’s something in there.

Along with the kicking, now womb baby wakes up as soon as he hears Holden in the mornings. Not fun for mommy, who’s trying to catch another 5 minutes of sleep while Holden drinks his morning sippy and all #2 wants to do is try to play with his older brother through my skin.

While I can write all of that off to just plain chance, there’s one thing that happens that definitely stands out in my mind.
Holden definitely doesn’t get hiccups as much as he used to (being a reflux baby he had them CONSTANTLY as an infant), but these days, EVERY single time he does get them (and I do mean EVERY time)- my little parasite gets them too. That, to me, is very weird. Hiccups aren’t exactly contagious like yawns are.. and even if they were- I doubt #2 could hear them well enough in all of that fluid to be able to catch them. He certainly can’t SEE Holden.. I mean, i’m pale.. but not quite translucent, how freaking creepy would that be? What other way is there to explain both kids getting hiccups at the same time, every time? Does little brother just so badly want to be like big brother that he somehow makes himself get them?
That will drive Holden crazy when he gets older- having a little tagalong.. but it’s comforting to have this feeling that they’re going to love each other instantly.

One less thing for me to stress out about. One of the things I was always told growing up was that the first thing my brother did when I came home from the hospital was hit me.. and we had a TERRIBLE relationship until our 20’s, so it’s definitely been on my mind.. being that my kids will only be a few months farther apart than my brother and I.

I’d much prefer them to be best friends and not mortal enemies.

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  • This definitely reminds me of an episode of Family Guy (this one actually).

    Maybe they think that they will hate each other, but will end up trying to win world domination together in the end.

    Don’t know whether that would be a good or bad thing.

  • Aw, that’s sweet. 🙂

    Holden’s a smart kid. He knows you’ve got something cookin’ in there and can sense how much you love him and the other bread baking in there lol. Sounds like he is going to pet, kiss, and possibly headbutt(gently of course!) baby brother when he arrives! 😛

  • I didn’t even have to go to the link to know which episode you were talking about.
    And I wouldn’t say world domination is their plan.. it’s more like killing Lois. I don’t want my babies to hate me!

    Terrie- i’m guessing some headbutting will be in order as well lol