If you haven’t been pregnant before, this post might not make much- if any sense.. because it’s nearly impossible to describe.

There’s a point you hit in pregnancy where you begin to feel weighed down. Not because you’ve become a ginormous landbeast kind of weight, but a heavy feeling in your lower stomach that is very unsettling.
Every movement I make now feels like i’m going to end up popping the baby out at any time. I know it isn’t going to happen, but it’s strange to squat or bend and feel this intense pressure pushing away at your cervix. Even peeing becomes this odd feeling otherworldly task.

Now when I stand, I grab underneath what I like to call the “baby shelf” and lift up, just to try and release this pressure to no avail. This feeling is probably why farther along in pregnancy, a lot of women begin to lose control of their bladder. Luckily for me, I was never one of those “If I sneeze/laugh/cough i’m gonna tinkle a little!” type of preggos, but it definitely feels that way.

Other than braxton hicks, this is probably my least favorite feeling during pregnancy. Combine the two and it’s a pretty toxic combination. Tightening uterus AND pressure on the bladder & hooha? I feel like I should keep my legs crossed at all times or a limb is going to pop out. And not one of my limbs if you get what I mean.

I guess for those who haven’t been pregnant, i’d have to say.. imagine knowing you have a HUGE poop coming. We’re talking.. haven’t pooped in a week type of log.. but move that pressure to the lowest part of your abdomen and picture it sitting right ontop of your bladder. That’s what this pressure feels like. A big ol’ baby shaped poop log, just sitting, waiting, taunting. It’s not gonna come out, it’s just not ready- but it’ll sure feel like it’s going to.

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