Opposite Babies?

The thing i’ve heard the most, before this baby was ever even conceived, is that when you have more than one child- they will be the opposite of one another.
I’ve seen it hold true in a lot of children- my brother and I were certainly opposite growing up. I don’t know that I think we’re totally different now, but he was definitely the ‘bad’ child, and while I was NOT an angel by any stretch of the imagination.. I was pretty good comparatively.

I keep wondering if it will happen with my two boys. In some ways, I think it would be good if they were opposites, but there are so many things I love about Holden that i’d be sad if #2 was completely different. I’m sure he’d have his own great qualities, of course, it’s just hard to imagine what the opposite of Holden would be.

I’ve been making mental lists of what the differences would be.. weird to think about.

If this baby is the opposite of Holden, he won’t have reflux. I consider this to be a major positive, and I HOPE HOPE HOPE he doesn’t have reflux because i’m not all that sure I can handle 7 hour a night screaming marathons again. At the same time, since Holden was such a fussy infant.. I think it’s made his toddler days much easier while other toddlers are spazzing out constantly- he is pretty easy to deal with. So would that mean i’d have an easy infant and a psycho toddler? Who knows.

If this baby is the opposite of Holden, he will have dark hair and light eyes. That would be pretty cool. While family resemblance is always a neat thing to look at, i’ve never wanted two little boys who look completely identical to one another. What’s the point of having kids if they look like the same one?

If this baby is the opposite of Holden, he will be petite. Everyone knows Holden is a massive kid. He may have been born average size, but VERY quickly he became enormous. First he just looked fat, but now he’s tall and thick- like a brick baby wall. Toddler Hercules. Will this baby be born huge (scary!) and then be short and skinny? It would make it much easier for me to lug them both around- my arms used to kill me from having a 20lb 6 month old (or something along those lines, I forget).. but i’ve grown to love my monster child. He’s fun to squeeze.

If this baby is the opposite of Holden, he will be completely laid back. Holden has NEVER been a laid back child. I don’t think I necessarily would have considered him high needs, but because of the reflux it was hard to put him down without making him miserable. Nowadays, while he’s independent, he’s very VERY energetic. Never ending stream of crazy. If I didn’t force him down for a nap, he wouldn’t nap at all. He’d be content staying awake all day tearing the house apart. He’s just never been one of those kids to fall asleep during the day on his own while playing. I’ve always been jealous of the kids that were able to do that- so I suppose it would be nice.

If this baby is the opposite of Holden, he won’t be as incredibly snuggly and loving. Holden, with all of his energy and all of hiz weirdness, is probably the most LOVING child i’ve ever seen (and i’ve been told he is as well). He gives hugs and kisses like it’s his job. He loves to snuggle and cuddle and sit in my lap. He kisses my ‘booboos’.. or anything he thinks might be a booboo (scars.. pimples.. you name it). It’s one of my favorite things about him, and something i’d be sad if this new baby isn’t.

Of course, these are all just general things. It’s impossible to tell if one will be into sports, and one will be into math or music or drama until they get older.
I’m hoping they’re both into music so they can be the next big brother musical group (a la The Jonas Brothers).. but with talent. And with one less, ’cause if you think i’m popping out another penis wielding little boy you’re out of your mind.

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  • It will be interesting to see how different or similar they will be. I remember that Holden was always measuring small (from what I remember … or normal), and this new baby it seems does not want to follow that path.

    I think he will be able to sleep much better than Holden because he will have to learn how to sleep when Holden is screaming and tearing through the house. I dont know about the light eyes, but dark hair is definitely a possibility.

    There are so many variations that are possible that it could be incalculatable.

  • From what I’ve noticed so far… Jamesen is pretty opposite of Marcus in a few things.

    Like Marcus didn’t sleep. He’d wake up every 2 hours for months and didn’t sleep the entire night through until he was 13 months old. Jamesen only wakes up once a night and sleeps in at least 5 hour stretches.

    Marcus didn’t like to be snuggled or swaddled or anything like that and jamesen is the biggest snuggle bug and loves to be cocooned like he’s still in the womb. So far they’re pretty opposite.

    On that note though, Marcus was holding his head up for long periods of time by a month and Jamesen has already started being able to hold his head up for short periods so we’ll see if he’s fast in the physical stuff like Marcus was. Only time will tell.