One year ago vs. Today

Before you become a parent, I don’t think the saying “Kids grow up WAY TOO FAST” really means all that much to you. Especially when you’re a kid yourself, and you just can’t wait to grow up. You roll your eyes, thinking ‘what the hell are they talking about?’.. or maybe that was just me because I used to think all kids were tremendous brats (I still think about 80% are but that’s at least an improvement.)

Once you have your first child, and you watch them VERY quickly go from infant to baby to toddler right before your eyes, in what seems like only a millisecond- that term hits home, hard. It’s actually really sad. Your baby isn’t a baby for very long. Every day they change and grow and morph into something new. Probably why baby fever kicks in so early with a lot of women. Even though babies are screaming puking balls of flesh, once that stage is over- it’s over, and it’s sad to see it go even if it was the hardest thing you’ve ever dealt with.

When I go through and I look at how much Holden has changed in the short time he’s been on this earth, it totally freaks me out. Even month to month you can see him changing from baby to little boy. I don’t think there’s an ounce of baby left in him.. or at least in the way he looks.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane


One year ago:


He almost doesn’t even look like the same child at all. How insanely weird is that?

And soon i’ll be starting that sad process of watching my baby grow up way too fast ALL over again.

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  • My god. You are definitely right. There is something to be said about how fast children grow up. I look back at Holden’s baby pictures all the time and think, he doesn’t look anything like that anymore.

    You know it’s all downhill once they are able to do thing without you, and actually don’t want you to do anything. I believe Holden has officially reached that stage when he brushes you off in order to play with a toy by himself. There are still things that we have to help him with though.

    I miss baby Holden, but at the same time, I love toddler Holden. I guess it’s a give and take.

  • I cannot believe those pics. I can’t believe it when I look at Ally’s either. It’s pure craziness how much they change in a year!! Definitely a give and take. You go from them needing your assistance 24/7 to them needing you only a little, gradually leading to not needing you at all of course. We don’t want them to grow up, but we know it has to happen. Oh, our babies look so grown up…just wait a few years lol.