Neat little widget

I thought it would be cool to try out a new widget on my blog. Don’t see it?
It’s right there below the replica of the fetus growing in my stomach.

The widget is from ParentsConnect.com and basically what it is is a local events calendar. Not for just any old craft fair or something equally as boring- but events and activities for kids in my area.
I’ve had such trouble finding ANYTHING around here. The little gym doesn’t exist here, the closest Gymboree class is a good hour away in decent traffic (and there’s never decent traffic).. and it’s been nearly impossible to get into anything else that doesn’t cost money or isn’t exclusive (meaning you have to jump through flaming hoops above shark infested water to be allowed to attend), that this seems like the perfect new addition to my blog.
Now all I have to do is check out my nifty little widget to see all the events and activities for kids going on in my area.
And you can get one for your blog or social networking page as well (facebook, blogger, etc). Of course it would be for your area and not mine.

Also, the person with the most widget views wins $1,000. Who couldn’t use an extra grand in their pocket? For doing nothing at all, too. Gotta love that.


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