Name Change?

As the due date of the new baby creeps closer and closer, I can’t help but to wonder- Should I change the name of the blog?
Technically, I won’t be holdin’ just Holden anymore, it’ll be Holden+1.. but i’m not really sure there’s a way to incorporate another name into the blog title.

I pondered long and hard (ok, maybe for like 20 minutes in reality) about the name this blog should have. Holdin’ Holden, it really can’t get much simpler- and it’s a pretty snappy little play on words if I do say so myself.
So, how to change it to make it true to reality? Should I ever care enough to do so? It’s not like baby will care if he’s not in my blog’s name.. but I suppose i’m just one of those people who gets irritated at dumb stuff like that. In trying to be fair to both children so no one feels like the red-headed step child, there should be some kind of show in my blog title that he DOES exist, right?
This is what I do for a ‘living’ (which is more like scraps here and there, but scraps are better than nothing!) is write about my life as a mom.. so it won’t just be a mom to Holden in a couple of months- it would make sense to change the name to fit, right?

While we’re on the subject- what in the world would I even change the name to? Something dumb and contrived like just adding the baby’s name to the end: ‘Holdin’ Holden & ____”?
I would want something equally as ‘clever’ as the current name- but unfortunately my brain power has been taken down quite a few notches and I can’t think of anything that doesn’t sound stupid to me.
Any suggestions?? Or do you think the name should just stay as is? I’m torn!

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  • This is going to be a hard one to determine. The blog title is rather perfect as is, but because you dont want new baby to feel …. left out, it would only seem fair to incorporate both of their names into the title.

    As we cannot divulge the name of the child just yet, I guess this might be a conversation left for the day in which we are able to name the nameless child (as your dad says).

  • I think you should just leave the blog title and put something on the front about them both in like a banner or something.

  • That’s a hard one. And yeah, the first thing that sprung to mind as a similar play on #2’s name like Holdin’ Holden is made me laugh and laugh- so that can’t be good. 😉

  • haha yeah, baby #2’s name just doesn’t make sense when you try to make it a play on words like the title now

  • How about “Holdin’ Holden and…” Ha, jk. I’m not going to go there here.

    I think maybe the banner thing would be a good idea. Once this kid realizes you have this blog, he should be old enough to understand that you created it right after you had Holden!