It may be time to throw in the towel

On pregnancy!!!


10 weeks early is something no one should wish for!

I’m talking about exercise.. at least the ‘routine’ i’ve been doing for 5 days a week.

Honestly, it’s not all that difficult.. it’s really not that intense, I barely break a sweat. I might huff and puff a little but that’s most likely because i’m throwing a lot more off-centered weight around. Not quite used to my new center of gravity.

I’d say for the past week or so, about an hour after working out I get what I call “old lady” pains. They last all day, and into the night.. and seriously make it hard to get up and moving around. I hobble, I grunt and groan.. it’s just not fun times.
Basically, the only way I can think to describe it is that it feels like my pelvis is going to FALL OFF. Not even out, it’s not technically the vajay area bugging me, it’s the joints of my hips. Are they ball joints? I really don’t even know, but they ache.

I know exactly what exercise is doing it to me, too, and the weirdest part is the exercise isn’t even meant to work out the legs- it’s a core exercise to tighten stomach muscles. Now… I can’t be 100% positive, but i’m pretty damn sure i’m not doing it wrong.. I really think it’s the belly making every exercise get thrown off and working things out that aren’t supposed to be worked out by said exercise. As if my hips aren’t stressed out enough, being pushed apart and widening and not sitting quite right as to make room for a girnormous child to ‘pass’ through.

I don’t want, at ALL, to stop working out.. because as many times as people tell me “you’re ALL belly!”.. there definitely isn’t 20+ pounds in my belly alone. Maybe at full term I could see that, for sure, but now? No. There’s fat not really doing a good job of hiding in my ass and thighs. And i’d say i’m almost as big now at 30 weeks as I was at almost full term with Holden.. so work needs to continue.
So now I suppose I have to decide whether I want to constantly walk around feeling like my lower half is going to crumble and fall off most of the time.. I mean, hell, pregnancy is a painful bitch towards the end anyways. It takes me a good 45 seconds just to roll over in bed. Or do I stop working my legs out and allow cottage cheese thighs to take over?

A better decision can probably be made after i’m told just how much more fat i’ve gotten at my appointment tomorrow.
Exciting!!! It probably doesn’t help that i’m sort of planning on getting a peach milkshake afterwards. Can’t help myself.

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