Is it October yet????

I’m not going to sit here and whine and complain about how I want this baby out of me NOW.. regardless of how early it is, or unsafe, or the survival rate, etc etc..

I’d just like to expedite the whole ‘inventing time-travel’ process and fast forward to October already.

Let’s just get past all of the organization, nesting, cleaning, preparing, baby shower & Holden’s birthday and get this crap over with already.
Early? No thanks. I need all the time I can get to prepare for this kid, and for this kid to be prepared for the world. It’d just be nice to skip over the next few months.

It’s probably obvious by now that this pregnancy has become even more uncomfortable, painful, and ridiculous. I didn’t actually think it was possible.. but I guess that’s what happens when you assume.
The evacuation of my insides? Yep, still happening. Except now the worst of it hits me when i’ve FINALLY hit my REM cycle and my eyes snap open and suddenly I realize something very very bad is about to happen.
Am I catching the poop in a container like i’ve been asked to? Uhhh… NO! That’s about the last thing on my mind at 3 in the morning when i’ve been rudely awakened by whatever the hell is going on with my intestines. It’s more like a mad rush in pitch black to the toilet.. and I don’t think I need to paint a picture of what happens after that.

I woke up this morning, hoping to feel better.. and while I wasn’t gripping the toilet with white knuckles and grimmacing, I definitely didn’t feel good at all. It hurt to move and felt like hammers were pounding my skull in.
I put aside the guilt and decided NOT to work out, as it most likely wouldn’t make the situation any better.. probably the best thing i’ve done in a long time. Holden, for some reason, decided today was the perfect day to turn into a complete and total monster and basically screamed and threw fits for the majority of the day.
Just a craptacular day all around. With the head pounding, toddler screaming, tummy aching pain I was feeling- the braxton hicks I actually had to breathe through because they hurt so much made the day drag.

So yes- i’d like whoever is inventing time-travel to HURRY THE EFF UP. I won’t be strapping myself to some contraption like the one in Napoleon Dynamite and electrocuting myself though, i’m not that desperate…
but it’d be nice to snap my fingers and have a full-term baby in my arms and a potty-trained two year old right about now.

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  • About your intestinal issues….as much TMI as this is, I’ve had those problems from the very beginning. My midwife said it is a hormonal thing and I guess some people just have problems. I doubt that anything is seriously wrong with you. Maybe try to get in a little bit more fiber?

    It’s lessened up a bit for me, but it was like every couple of days…awful. AWFUL. Buy a bottle or two of pepto bismol and drink it when you even think you might be having one of those days. That is the only stuff that got me OFF of the toilet.

  • that’s good to know at least. Not that it’s happening to you, but that there’s nothing wrong lol.

    I didn’t think i’d need fiber (and neither did my doctors) because I am on SO much iron that technically I shouldn’t be able to go at all.
    pregnancy really doesn’t make any sense!

  • I remember feeling like this and singing Bjork to Nolan! I’m such a dork!

    I miss you
    But I haven’t met you yet
    So special
    But it hasn’t happened yet
    You are gorgeous
    But I haven’t met you yet
    I remember
    But it hasn’t happened yet

    And if you believe in dreams
    Or what is more important
    That a dream can come true
    I, I will meet you
    I was peaking

    But it hasn’t happened yet
    I haven’t been given
    My best souvenir
    I miss you
    But I haven’t met you yet
    I know your habits
    But wouldn’t recognize you yet

    And if you believe in dreams
    Or what is more important
    That a dream can come true
    I miss you

    I’m so impatient
    I can’t stand the wait
    When will I get my cuddle?
    Who are you?
    I know by now that you’ll arrive
    By the time I stop waiting
    I miss you

  • I’m glad you are getting some reassurance that it’s not just you going through these issues!

    I know I’m late on replying! Hopefully as I continue reading, I will see that maybe you’ve found something that helps lol!