Help! I’m a Hoarder!

Have you ever watched any of those shows on Discovery & TLC about people who hoard crap so intensely that they can barely even move through their homes? They haven’t seen their bed in months?
While those shows make me kind of sad, a little repulsed, and incredibly claustrophobic.. currently, I feel like two rooms in my house could rival those seen in hoarder’s homes.

The amount of crap in my house right now is outrageous. The worst part? It is all absolutely necessary, and not because of some freakish attachment i’ve grown to a stack of ‘happy birthday’ napkins.. but because it’s ALL stuff for either Holden for the coming season, or for the new baby.
I’ve tried to organize it into tubs to make it less cluttered, less messy looking- and easier to get to when it’s actually needed.. sadly that has not given us ANY space back. It’s out of control. I don’t know where everything is going to go.

This is currently what you see upon entering the office (soon to be the nursery):

Tupperware upon tupperware, bags full of clothes, bedding.. and what’s that in the background? Oh, yeah, there’s an office in there too!

The trash bags are full of clothes we don’t need/want (some things you’re given.. as nice as it is.. you just can’t bear to stick your kid in), so those are an easy fix- but the tupperwares? We need all of those. Some have clothes, some have diapers and other essentials. Will they fit in the closet? Nope. Closet is full.

It gets worse.. there is yet another room.. and if you can believe it.. it’s even more full of essential baby items than this one. So much so, that you literally can not walk through it. So much so, that you’d never know there was a couch in that room unless someone told you.

A lot of it might look junk, but in that piule of horrid looking mess are all the ‘big ticket’ baby items. The swing, the vibrating chair, the carrier & booster seat, double stroller, bath tub, play mats & even more clothes.
I honestly don’t even dare go IN that room. Just looking at it stresses me out. Thinking about moving all of that into the house?? WHERE is it going to go?

We have a rather large accomodating living room.. but every day that living room turns to chaos as Holden pulls out every single toy from his toy bins and scatters them about.. and then goes into his room, and pulls even MORE toys into the living room, and scatters them about.

Can I fall asleep tonight and wake up to a bigger house? Is that at all possible? Or wake up to a more open floor plan? Even that would work out nicely I think.

It doesn’t matter HOW much I organize.. it just doesn’t seem like i’ll ever be done, or that i’m ever going to find a way to make it all fit without over-cluttering the house and not giving Holden enough room to run around.

I need someone who is amazing at organizing to come in and lend me a hand. I’m as bad at organizing as I am at interior decorating.

Why do babies need SO much shit? Even if you cut out all the unnecessary crap (as I wrote about yesterday), there’s still SO much that is necessary.
Save me!

Posted on July 23, 2009 by Holdin' Holden 5 Comments
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  • The bonus room is horrid. I dont believe it would be all that bad if we just sorted it throughout and placed the things that we didnt need into the big receptacle in the garage.

    I want to get that room done, so that this transition from office to nursery will be easy. One day, I guess.

  • Our spare room looks the same, except it’s trying to be a guest room too. Ugh. I cannot wait until we either get through 2 years of the next baby, or decide not to have another….all of that stuff is going going going!

  • Do you have an attic or a basement? I would die without our basement storage. And garage storage. We have attic space but I leave that for the mutant spiders/ ghosts that live up there.

  • We can’t have basements in our area! Below sea level.
    I THINK we have two different attics.. but like you, I ain’t goin’ up there with the ghosts, spiders, and creepy crawlies!

  • That spare room is CRAZY! Maybe soon though, you can start pulling out the early use items and find a spot for them. That will at least give a little room. I think it’s all about finding a spot for things. You will work through it some how. It’s hard to get started I know, but you know it has to be done and it will be there when you’re ready.

    (I know, tell you something you DON’T know! LOL)