Double digits

I’ve been so preoccupied with other crap going on in my life i’ve almost forgotten just how little time I have left in this pregnancy.

Under 100 days left. It seems like a long time when you look at the number just as a number, but when you think about how far i’ve come (over 200 days) and how many weeks (26), and then look at how long I have left which is only 14 weeks or around 3 months, it seems minuscule. Especially in the grand scheme of things.

Everyone around me who isn’t pregnant says the time is going by incredibly slow for them. For me, the weeks are speeding by so fast it makes my head spin. I still have SO much left to do to get ready for this baby to arrive.

I have to figure out who is going to watch Holden and how that’s going to work out, which stresses me out a LOT because he has never spent more than a few hours away from me and i’m still not very trusting of other people to take care of him the way that I do.
I have to help plan my baby shower with my friend AND plan Holden’s birthday party, which will be about a month apart from eachother. I don’t think I have the energy to make Holden’s birthday as big and spectacular as his 1st birthday was, and I don’t think I have the patience to have a ton of people in my house that i’ll have to clean up after at 9 months pregnant.. so we’ll see how that goes.
The baby’s room hasn’t even been started. It’s still the office. All the furniture has to be moved out of here- the armchair is going in Holden’s room and the glider from Holden’s room is going in the office. The desk has to be moved out and into the dining room, which means we have to find a way to make that fit with the dining room table (that never gets used)- and i’m thinking we need a SMALLER dining room table. All the baby stuff needs to be moved in from the bonus room and set up, the changing table needs to be moved out of Holden’s room.. but we need a dresser to put Holden’s clothes in because that’s what the changing table has become. I haven’t actually changed his diaper on that thing in months.

I’m currently in the process of organizing all of the new baby’s stuff. Clothes being separated into bins so that we are actually ORGANIZED this time around (we were definitely not even close to being organized last time). Getting all the diapers into one bin.. basically just sorting through the stuff we’ve bought, have been given, and have left over. Trust me, not as simple as it sounds. Although we sold/gave away a lot of Holden’s stuff, there is still a LOT left over and it’s all stuffed in random bags out in the bonus room right now.
The problem I find is that everything I bring out in order to organize it, Holden seems to be completely fascinated with. Especially his old shoes. Just won’t stop touching everything and moving it around and hiding it. Hard to get everything together when things disappear while you’re not looking.

The one thing i’m glad about is that we decided VERY early on not to re-paint this room. Baby is getting stuck with the tan/green and the red accent wall. Should be pretty modern for a baby’s room if we can find the right bedspread to go with it (not been easy so far). We had started Holden’s room very early on but didn’t even get around to finishing it until right before he came, so it’s at least a little bit of weight off of our shoulders to already have the paint job finished.

I am the queen of procrastination unfortunately, so i’m betting that once again a lot of this crap will be left until the last second to get finished and i’ll end up having a pile of things left to do and no time to do them. I started really early, so i’m hoping that counts for something. As lon as baby stays put until his due date, we might be able to pull it off in the time left.

Anyone care to help??

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  • I’ll help! But that probably goes without saying.

    I think we can get everything done iwth the amount of time we have left. We have many storge bins now, and things to fill them with, so not such a big deal.

    I wish we didnt have to put the computer desk in the dining room, but in the bonus room. That would be much nicer, however, I wonder how we are going to work the Cable/Internet situation. There isn’t a plug in either room. Time to drill a hole!

  • OMG I have been going through some of the same things! I just finished the clothes bins organization (It is all going back into the basement when I get some more bins). I put all of the shoes together in one big box (and yes Miss M took off with like half of the stuff I was doing, but my super-awesome organization will make it super easy to just throw it back in the box when she is done).

    I can make crib sheets if interested….they are SUPER easy!

  • I hope you’re able to get a lot-if not everything-done with the time you have left! Have you tried to do any sorting after Holden goes to bed at night? I was just thinking that might help with him wanting to carry stuff away and hide it from you, lol!

  • I do the majority of the organizing after Holden is in bed- but I had to get a lot of stuff out of his closet which had to be done while he was awake so keeping it away from him was sadly unavoidable!

    Procrastinating today. Have all the bins out with stuff piling out of them but just don’t feel like organizing them