"Big Boy" Underwear

As we venture farther into the land of potty training and out of diapering, the subject of ‘big boy’ underwear comes up.
I may be in a small group of people with this mindset- but I don’t really believe in using pull-ups. Unless you splurge on the insanely expensive training pants that give your kid a “cold” feeling when they go- there’s really no difference between diapers and pull ups other than the fact that they absorb less and cost more. What’s the point, then?

We made the decision long ago to go straight from diapers, to underwear for Holden when he stops peeing for long enough to not piss through 5 pairs a day. Most of his pee goes in the potty, he’s pretty good usually about not taking enormous pisses in his diapers, but somehow, even with restricting his liquid intake he still manages to tinkle a little bit in between potty times. Not all of them, but enough to where he’s not quite ready for the full transition just yet.

The most common advice we get for potty training is just to put him in underwear for a week straight and let him pee himself. The thought behind it is that he’ll understand he’s wetting himself and stop doing it because he won’t like the feeling. Diapers pull wetness AWAY from the body and absorb it, so it’s a different feeling just being covered in straight pee.
My thought in return is that I don’t think Holden’s the type to really care if he pees on himself, so i’m not so sure if that’s going to work for him.. but with the time left until new baby comes and my ‘deadline’ fast approaching to have Holden potty trained, anything is worth a try.

We looked all over for little boy underwear. It totally creeps me out. Why? I’m not really sure. I just don’t like tighty-whities, even on a child. They’re weird.
Obviously boxers won’t work until he stops crapping and pissing himself completely, so the best choice to appease both ends are boxer briefs.
Let me tell you- they are HARD to find. And most of the ones you DO find are either ridiculously expensive (like at Gymboree), or just too big. You can find creepy little tighty-whities pretty much everywhere.. I just can’t do it! Can’t buy them. Can’t put them on Holden. Thinking now, maybe they just remind me way too much of my Dad, who i’m pretty sure STILL wears really fucking old ass tighty-whities to this day, with holes blown in the ass. When I was little, I just assumed his farts were so powerful they made the holes in one blow.
Ew. Yeah, definitely can’t get past that thought.

It took going into every store, but we finally found some that cost less than $12 a pair and bought them.
Why not give them a shot and see how he does immediately?
Not so great the first go round. I watched as he walked around the room for a few minutes, and then looked down and touched himself with a perplexed look on his face.
I knew right then that he’d peed himself. Right through his new underwear and his pants. Joy! Put him in another pair and he lasted the rest of the day without an accident, but that wasn’t very long.
I know we need to just suck it up and get prepared to do a lot of laundry, and at least just give him a chance to see if maybe after a dozen or so times of pissing himself without the help of a diaper to keep the gross wet feeling away, he stops doing it.
Never know until you try. Maybe we’ll try tomorrow. Lazy Sunday, nothing to do but follow him around and watch him pee his pants. I think his laundry needs to get done anyways, perfect timing, right?

Wish us luck!

Oh, and Happy 4th. We’re not much of celebrators, being the black sheep of the family we didn’t get invited to anything.. and now we’re having to listen to tons of illegal fireworks going off all around us and a loud ass hippie drum circle in the neighbor’s back yard that is unrelenting and annoying. Yay holidays!

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  • I’m impressed. I’m no where near even starting Marcus on potty training. I can’t remember where I put his potty. I was gonna potty train him with my “friend” who was potty training her little girl but that’s now out the window.

    I agree to just let him pee himself, lol. Spend the next week solely on potty training and it hsould work. That’s what I’ve seen other moms do anyways. I’ve got no experience with it what so ever.

    I better go find M’s potty…

  • I’d probably still be much more lax about it if there weren’t another diaper wearing turd on the way.

    I had really wanted him trained by 2 regardless, we’ll see how that goes!

    I feel like I spend every week solely on potty training with the schedule we have. wake up, pee, 20 mins later, pee, eat, pee, 15 mins later,pee, then every 25 minutes or if he initiates, then lunch, then pee, then 15 mins, pee, nap, wake up pee… you get the picture.
    HOW he has pee in his bladder enough to pee in between?? no clue. It’s spite, I swear it’s spite!!

  • I have no idea how he pees so much either. I think in a day I pee 3-5 times. That’s it really. If I had to pee 15 times I day, after the 5th or 6th time, I would be out of urine. Somehow, Holden manages to hold in enough to let go every 20 minutes. IT’S AMAZING!

    I do want this to be done with, although we did just buy a new box. I wish he just understood.

  • Those undies would have weirded me out too. Knowing me though, I would’ve sucked it up and gotten them the cheapest I could lol! Oh well, we aren’t going to be able to really get into the potty training until August now anyway. There’s no point when she will be confined to a car seat for most of 24 hours on the car ride to Pennsylvania. No way could we stop that much for her to pee…and manage to hold onto our sanity.

    I’ve always read to put them in underwear for a full week where you have no where to go/nothing to do. Good luck with it! I hope he does well! I’ve got to get to drinking my water for the day!!!

  • They have portable kid potties (smaller than the ones we have). The things creep me OUT but they do exist with little disposable bags like you’d use for dog poo. Can’t imagine going to a rest stop and seeing a kid sitting on a potty on the ground lol