The ‘Big Box Stores’

Being that previously I was never much of a cook, a membership to a ‘big box store’ just seemed like an unnecessary expense. Why stock up if you’re just never going to use any of it? And I HATE the thought of things going bad before I get to use them.. plus, I don’t have a deep freezer so there’s limited space in the small freezer we have that’s connected to the fridge (side by side).

In our area, we have a handful of the ‘stock up’ stores to choose from. Costco, Sam’s and BJ’s.

Almost everyone I know that has a membership goes to Costco and swears by it. The samples are yummy, but I don’t get the big fuss. It has a lot to do with the fact that what I look for in a Big Box Store are diapers and formula, and specific brands at that. Neither Costco nor Sam’s carries EITHER of the ones that we use, big disappointment. Stocking up on diapers and formula has been a key thing i’ve wanted to do before this baby comes. I know I can’t be totally prepared in the amounts I need of each, but it would be nice to not have to run to the store and pay ridiculous sums of money for small boxes/cans of each. Food Lion? EXPENSIVE! Target has decent prices on those things (surprisingly, because their food is pretty damn expensive), but it’s much farther away then just running out to a store that’s a mile away.

BJ’s is pretty new around here, so I hadn’t heard much about it from very many people.. and the one friend that has a membership didn’t think they had what we needed.
We got an offer for a free 90-day membership in the mail, and who can pass that up? Was worth a shot if nothing else.
This is going to come out sounding completely wrong, but fuck it- I love BJ’s!

Not only do they have both the diapers & the formula we need, but cheaper & in larger quantities. A regular can of Goodstart formula is usually around $27.00 at the plain old grocery store. A jumbo can of Goodstart at BJ’s is $25.00.
200 count boxes of diapers for $40.00 or less? Count me in! If baby isn’t as fat as Holden was, and we can get a cheaper brand of diapers (Luvs instead of Pampers), go ahead and shave $10.00 off of that.
It also helps that their lunch meat is yummy, they have HUGE boxes of Yobaby Yogurt (which Holden loves for breakfast), and their baked goods? Should probably keep me AWAY from their baked goods section. Those fudge brownie bites are beyond sinful.

Right now I sound like a walking advertisement for the place.. oh well. It’s just nice to finally have somewhere that carries the things I want, and I don’t have to settle for some different brand that doesn’t work as well for us.

The downside? Every time I go there, something bad happens!
The first time: migraine from freezing in the freezer section & the flourescent lighting
Second time: Threw my shoulder out.. from what?? No idea.
This time (which i’m sure is more like our 5th time there but whatever): BAD braxton hicks.

I guess if I get to my due date and baby isn’t budging, I should probably just go to BJ’s and i’ll end up in labor being wheeled out in one of their mega two-seater carts by the time we leave.

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  • LOL at the mega two seater carts!

  • please tell me you’ve seen them! they are ridiculous! Holden slams the other little plastic seat cover thing up and down constantly

  • LOL @ I love BJs.

    But, we do have a pretty good deal with this place. Free 60 day trial is pretty awesome. We are definitely going to buy a membership for 45 dollars a year. There really isnt a need not to.

    I do wish however that they would have the free samples on saturday and sunday like Costco and Sam’s. Those thing are tasty.