And the pelvis loses

I went to my 30 week(GASP! still weird to say) check up on Thursday, fully prepared to tip the scales in the direction of ‘roving landbeast.’ It was an educated guess considering that i’d gained 10 pounds the previous month alone.

Took my shoes off, put my purse on the table, and stepped on. Since the nurse is usually busy wrangling Holden and trying to make sure he doesn’t bust into an exam room while someone’s getting their cooch explored, I usually take my own weight.

Shock, surprise, elation.. those are only a few terms to describe the result. Of course, I turned to the nurse and said “did I not gain any weight??”
She informed me i’d gained 1 pound. A little disappointed, but shit- i’ll take it! It beats gaining 5. It’s impossible to be a small person and NOT gain weight during pregnancy. So while i’ll never be happy with gaining any amount of weight.. a little bit is a hell of a lot better than a lot.

I did a little happy dance, and even more so when my blood pressure turned out stellar as well. Go me!

So the decision has been made, my poor poor achy breaky pelvis is just going to have to deal with the pain.. because if I can curb massive weight gain in these last 10 weeks, i’m sure as hell going to.
Especially since I went back and looked at my “belly book” from my pregnancy with Holden, and i’ve gained MORE weight at 30 weeks with this weird-beard baby then with Holden.. which is insane to me, because comparing actual belly pictures and the Holden belly looks like a big fat tub of lard.

That’s Holden there on the left at 30 weeks 2 days, and #2 on the right at 29 weeks 5 days. I might be bigger OUTWARDS, but I think my rear is about half the size, hips are smaller.. and maybe in my warped mind my tummy this time around just looks.. like it contains less fat? Who knows. Still, look at that and tell me it looks like I gained more this time than last..
Ok, ok, technically I started out at a smaller weight this time.. but not by that much.

I’m tellin you, something is weird with this pregnancy! Could it be the fact that I measured two weeks ahead in fundal height on Thursday? I know it can be normal to measure ahead, but Thomas and I have always had the feeling that my due date is incorrect.. I mean, c’mon, there was no sex. This baby would have to be Jesus for their due date to be accurate.

I of course, rewarded my minimal weight gain with a peach milkshake and am currently baking the most SINFUL cookies I have ever seen/tasted/smelled. Peanut butter double chocolate hybrids. Ohhhhhh my.

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  • I didn’t gain any weight at all at the appointment before last. Then I went in two weeks later and was up….7 pounds. Yep.

    I hope yours is because of excercise and good diet. I don’t know where my weight is coming from.

  • smited for being skinny, i’m sure of it.