The Wet Diaper Debate

Before Holden was born, I was told horror stories from family members about how many diapers we’d go through per day. The highest number being around 20. It sounded totally ridiculous to me, but being that i’d never babysat (you read that right) or had a child of my own- I couldn’t exactly gauge how accurate that statement was so once Holden came screaming into the world I was a little worried about just how many diapers we’d need to buy per week.

Let me tell you- the diaper count was nowhere NEAR 20. I think the most we ever went through was something like 13 and that was pushing it. He wasn’t the “huge blowout shit” kind of kid, so we just took it easy and changed him before every bottle, and any time he might poop. It made things very simple- and much less expensive than i’d been told (don’t you love when people blow things our of proportion just to scare you? I’ll have to write another blog post about that subject alone.)

Once Holden was off of the bottle, it was a lot harder to tell how often to change him. Diapers sock up pee, so how do you know how wet the diaper actually is unless it’s huge and saggy- or you take it off and look at it?
I decided it would be easiest to change him at snack & meal times, and of course any time he pooped. Can’t imagine sitting in your own shit is fun.
Even less diaper changes than when he was on the bottle! More money saving = happy parents.

With potty training it’s a whole ‘nother ballpark. I don’t know about other people, but Holden doesn’t always ‘hold it’ between potty times, so he’ll tinkle a little bit in between. To me, it seems like a HUGE waste to throw away a diaper with a tiny amount of pee in it- but it also seemed weird to stick him back in a diaper that had pee in it regardless of the amount.
I’m sure there are parents out there who throw the diaper away regardless. I am not one of those parents. Scold me, call me names, I don’t care- I think it’s wasteful.

My main goal is to save money, conserve diapers, while not putting Holden into a piss soaked diaper.
A little tinkle in a diaper isn’t going to hurt him if I stick it back on him. If I threw away EVERY diaper he tinkled in, then I might actually be going through that ridiculous amount of 20 I was told in the very beginning (ok, maybe not that many, but it would feel like a lot because this kid LOVES to drop a little pee out here and there).

The question comes down to: How wet is too wet? How wet is too dry?

I use weight & smell as an indicator. If the diaper FEELS heavy (even slightly), it’s probably too wet to put back on to him. If it SMELLS strongly like pee (yep, that’s right, I sniff the diaper), it’s probably too wet. Otherwise? We’re good to go. And that diaper is going right back on him. I might be concerned he is learning that a wet diaper is an ok thing to have if he could actually sense how wet the diaper was. Diapers these days don’t allow that feeling unless you buy the super expensive pull ups that get cold when they pee, so i’m pretty sure he has no idea he’s wearing a ‘dirty’ diaper. Therefore, i’m not worried.

Disagree all you want- it’s your decision on how often you change a diaper and whether you throw one away that has a couple of ounces of pee in it. I choose to be cheap, and it works for us.
Today was a good day, no pee in his diaper at all. So he went to bed with the same one on that we put on him this morning when he woke up. Now, I change my underwear more often than that, so i’m not sure if we should have just put him in a new one for the principal of cleanliness of his area… I guess we’ll see how bad his crotch stinks in the morning.

PLEASE let him wake up before Thomas leaves for work so i’m not the one who has to deal with his peep funk.

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  • I’ll put marcus back into a diaper if there’s no pee in it. I have a hard time putting him back in one with even a small amount of pee because with the cloth, it makes it lay funny when you pull it off and put it back on with pee in it. But i”m using cloth so… 🙂

    Is he seriously peeing in the toilet already? Marcus refuses. He just cries when I put him on the potty. Jealous!

  • Holden used to scream and scream when I put him on the potty, but we’ve been ‘potty training’ since he started walking. Started out slow and now i’m on a SERIOUS mission.
    He’ll get used to it, you just have to stick with it.. bring toys and books to the potty and distract him, and then when he pees go wild and show him what he did and soon he’ll get the hang of it

  • I’m sure people think I’m just a Jenny stan, haha- but we are totally on the same page with this too. I was on a forum once where someone claimed that diapers cost at least $100 a month. Say what? I said I spend $30 or 40 at most buying in bulk and I think they thought I was lying. The only days that get annoying are when Em decides to poop in 3 stages an hour apart and then I do wind up changing diapers all morning. But pee? On a good day when Em poops all at once I change 4 diapers a day. It better squish when I grab her butt before I change it! How is she ever going to want to use the toilet if I keep her butt fresh all day. lol I wouldn’t be cruel and if she had some raging diaper rash I would care, but she doesn’t…so.

  • haha a Jenny stan!

    I didn’t think of it that way- fresh ass.. why learn to use the potty? good point!