"Try not to get induced"

Umm.. say what? I love advice that makes no sense.

I’ll try not to be induced when someone invents something to keep me from having hypertension during pregnancy.
As if induction is something I would have chosen- or as if I would have chosen to be forced to lay on my left side the ENTIRE time I was in the hospital, or continue to be on bed rest even after I gave birth- cause that was AWESOME let me tell you! So much fun not to be able to get out of bed! And that Magnesium they had me on- Oh my God! BEST SHIT EVER! THe migraines and nausea that came along with it were super duper fun!

Come on now, if I could NOT be induced, I wouldn’t be. How many times have I said that I hated being induced, and that pitocin is the devil?

Childbirth isn’t cut & dry. It isn’t simple for everyone. Not everyone can have their water break, go to the hospital, and painlessly deliver a child in a handful of hours. Some people have health issues, some people have to have a c-section for all sorts of different reasons, some women labor for 2 freakin’ days. I wish it were easier, I wish my health would cooperate but there are NO guarantees with pregnancy & childbirth.
As Forrest Gump would put it (if he were talking about shooting a crotch rocket)
“Childbirth is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”

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  • Ugh, pitocin. Makes me sick just thinking about it. Man, that stuff is SERIOUS.

    I can’t believe the nurse actually stopped my pitocin for a minute when there was meconium in the amniotic fluid! What if she hadn’t talked me into letting her start it again? That would’ve put my child at risk and I wouldn’t have even known it!

    That stuff definitely got it moving though, but it probably helps when you’ve progressed some on your own. I was a 4 when I got there and it took 5.5 hours. Worst, yet best, 5.5 hours of my life lol!

  • It’s definitely hard to avoid these days…I wish you the best with getting it going naturally!

    If I could go back in time, I know it would be impossible to prevent having been induced, but I may have stood my ground to wait a few more days. I was so desperate to give birth I didn’t argue about being induced on my due date…now I would have told them I was waiting a few more days to let nature take it’s course. But when it’s your first time and you’re nervous, you do what they say.

  • I spent 24 hours on magnesium, too. I didn’t remember that you had gotten it also.

    Good times. *shudder*

  • ooohhh yeah, right after I popped Holden out it was immediate. I was SO hungry because I hadn’t eaten since the day before and Holden wasn’t born until 7:21pm.. but the magnesium made me so nauseous I couldn’t handle more than a bite and the evil nurse took away my crappy roast beef sandwich that was left over from .. I have no idea.. she gave it to me in a brown bag, anyways, she took it away because she was afraid i’d puke and she’d have to clean it up.
    That stuff is just as bad, if not worse, than the crap they put me on to STOP labor.. terbutaline? it’s been too long.