The stomach ache to top all stomach aches

Here it is, Friday night, and i’m trying to enjoy myself relax because it is finally Friday and it’s been a lonnngggg week- but I can’t because my stomach is absolutely killing me.

Having stomach pain when you’re pregnant is completely different than not being pregnant. Instead of that deep low grumble you normally get where you can expect to either rip a huge fart or run to the bathroom and blow it up, it’s sharp intense pain all over because your stomach and intestines have been pushed up and aside to make room for baby.

It’s strange how you can eat something one day and feel fantastic, and then eat it the next day and feel like you got hit by a bus- twice. Baby doesn’t always agree with what you put in your mouth.
That is currently how i’m feeling. And i’m pretty sure it’s something I ate, although i’m not super familiar with this sharp death grip going on on my insides right now.

As unpleasant as the thought is- i’d really rather be having one of those ‘after-cheap-mexican’ food poop blowouts then feeling how i’m feeling right now.
It’s only 9:40 and I just want to lay down, curl up and sleep this off. Sounding pretty appealing, so i’m going to keep this short and stop writing before I end up running to the bathroom clutching my stomach and clenching my cheeks in the middle of typing.

Posted on June 5, 2009 by Holdin' Holden 3 Comments
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  • I understand the feeling completely because that is how I am feeling right at the moment. I am preggers with my 2nd child and am in my 9th week. I had a bad craving for chinese beef and broc., and now im regreting it. Ever have those times when you want something so bad because you remember how greast it tasted last time? Then find out it wasn’t as good as you thought? Well that happened to me thurs. Was just wondering if that was how my preggo tastebuds recacted.

  • Sounds familiar, that’s for sure.

    Mine was Hardees chicken & biscuits. Still tasted just as good as yesterday but tummy DID NOT AGREE and rejected it.

    I have had quite a few instances where after getting pregnant things just don’t taste the same anymore. Not sure what that’s all about!

  • Brocolli is known for producing gas. So eating a lot of it will probably make you rip a large one.

    My stomach hurt a little last night after the Chicken and Biscuits as well. :o\