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It’s been covered plenty of times that there are issues on this blog with ridiculous anonymous commenters. You’d think by now i’d be used to it- I mean, hell, even if they’re stupid- it does mean people are reading the blog. And the more people that read the blog, the better, regardless of how they feel about what I write or just how incredibly stupid they are.

The more pregnant I get, the more irritable I become. I’ve tried to ignore the hormones raging through my system but at this point I have given in to the dark side. Bridezilla has nothing on Preggozilla.

I’ve never had a problem with someone who has left their name to a comment. Not once. Even if it’s in disagreement.
The problem is when people have the power to leave comments anonymously. When people have that kind of freedom, to hide behind a computer screen because they know that no one will ever be able to find out who they are- they turn into monsters. It’s a really wimpy spineless thing to do- to talk shit about someone you may or may not know- to say nasty horrible things ONLY because you know they won’t be able to figure out who you are.
Hiding behind a computer and flexing your e-muscles is cowardly.
It’s why i’ve always refused to put a myspace “truthbox” on my page, or to comment in ones that people have. If I have something to say, i’ll say it to someone and they’ll know who I am. I don’t need to hide. I’ve always believed that if you can’t say something to someone’s face (or at least put your name with it, it may be passive-aggressive but it’s a step up) you shouldn’t say it at all.

In my quest to keep my stress and anger at a minimum- the anonymous commenting is coming to an end on this blog. It does suck because the only way to do that is to require readers to be registered in some way or another- and I have plenty of friends who leave their names, but are not registered, and I had to block that kind of commenting too. It’s easy enough to sign up (we all have GoogleIDs at this point I believe), but still a pain to do.

I feel like doing this will at least curb people who have nothing better to do but try and tell me that i’m a God awful horrible person, but can only do it behind the name “anonymous.”
People can still sign up and do this, even under a fake name I think- but if people are THAT intent and obsessed with commenting on my blog that they have to go through such lengths to do so- I suppose I should take it as a compliment.. and probably laugh hysterically at them because it’d be a pretty pathetic thing to do.

Happy reading spineless morons, ’cause that’s all you’ll be doing from now on!

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  • Commenting anonymously to put someone down is just stupid.

  • I dont even know how to leave an anonymous comment. I dont think it even gives me an option. Not that I would, but thats not the point.

    It does suck that people would hide behind the anonymousness that is the internet, but it has always been there. Even since the days of AOL. People claim to be one person, and end up being another. Take that show “To Catch a Predator” for example. It’s a necessary evil sometimes.

  • If I’m lazy, can I just leave this on the hubby’s ID? He leaves his signed in all the time and I’d rather not have to sign him out and me in each time. 😉 I’m sure the name I would sign in with, Laura kHill, wouldn’t look much different anyway!

  • I looked at the name funny at first but I knew it was you! Just glad you’re still able to comment- doesn’t matter how you do it 🙂

  • I’m sorry you had to resort to that. How many were you getting per blog post? Or was it just the content that bothered you? You shouldn’t have to deal with that while you’re pregnant and at risk for health problems.

    I wonder if since you mentioned it, someone might actually create an ID to come comment. :/ Wouldn’t surprise me really, but it would be a bit DUMB.

  • It was like one every couple of posts, but every single one was so stupid and irritating that I just don’t feel like even reading them anymore. It’s not as bad as it was when some June 04 mommies board was spamming my blog with anonymous comments (anonymous yet not anonymous lol).
    Stuff like telling me to try not to get induced.. even though it would have been a serious health risk for me and Holden to not be induced- or bitching about my cats, or saying they were going to report me to CPS- just all kinds of ridiculousness.

    I would hope someone wouldn’t be PATHETIC enough to create a bogus account just to comment- but consider the stupidity level of the anonymous comments in the past here, I wouldn’t be surprised.