Post #300!

Admit it, who didn’t think i’d last this long? I think every other blog i’ve had I never made it anywhere near the 300 post mark. I got bored.. or people kept getting their feelings hurt over nothing so the blog got abandoned..
Not this time. Regardless of what anyone says or thinks- I have always had a passion for writing. I enjoy it. It’s an outlet for me. It makes me a little extra money on the side, and whether you believe it or not (depending on who you are) there are a lot of other people who like reading what I have to say as well.

I knew going into this blog, it being public and me not being the ‘conventional’ type that there would be people who disagreed with what I have to say- and I have no problem with that. Not everyone can agree with a certain person’s opinion- that’s just the way life is.
It’s the extent people go to, the absolute ridiculousness of some of the comments I get that baffle me. You’d think I were debating religion or late term abortion with some of the reactions i’ve gotten- it’s absurd.
Any comment that were to say “well personally I don’t agree and this is what I think…” i’d take zero issue with. No one person parents their children the exact same way. There are a HELL of a lot of people I disagree with every single day- but in my opinion- they have a right to believe whatever they wish and do whatever they wish and I most likely won’t say anything. If I find that I don’t like a single thing someone says- I tend to ignore them. If I were to go a blog where I found no redeeming qualities or nothing to relate to in a single post I wouldn’t even bother returning to it. Why do something, why read something, if it doesn’t make you happy? That’s my take on it.

In my time as a blogger, i’ve made people laugh, i’ve made people not feel so bad about how they are feeling.. and people have commented and made ME not feel so bad about how i’m feeling. On the other end of the spectrum, i’ve had people call me a terrible parent, a negative person (even when my posts are mostly tongue-in-cheek or meant to be funny)- most recently after the cat scratch incident i’ve been told I was being reported to CPS.
Yes, Child Protective Services- for a CAT SCRATCH. To think that someone would go so far, someone who doesn’t know anything about me, over a SCRATCH on my child’s face (one that I have expressed a lot of anger and sadness about, and that I am taking action to correct by rehoming the cat) disgusts me. How sick and sad and pathetic someone must be to go so far for something so miniscule. And how stupid they must be to think that CPS would take time out of their day from going on REAL calls for neglected children to come to my house for a SCRATCH.
Really, what is the world coming to? Where the only thing that brings some people joy is tearing others down, constantly. The people who seem to feel so negatively towards my blog just continue to come back- that won’t ever make sense to me (but it makes me more money! haters are stupid.)

The negativity I receive in comments does bother me.. hell, i’m a hormonal pregnant woman. I stay cooped up in my house with my child on a regular basis. I’m an emotional person naturally, so yeah, comments bug me.. but regardless of what ANYONE says- I will never EVER change my parenting style. I will never stop expressing myself however the hell I want to. I will never stop having FUN with parenting and taking it SO seriously that I can’t see the lighter side of it.
If you don’t like it- don’t like it- that’s your prerogative. But perhaps instead of projecting your anger and hostility and bitterness on to me, a complete stranger,before commenting telling me what a God awful horrible person I am you should reevaluate your life. What could make you so incredibly bitter and angry to attack a complete stranger? A harmless one at that?

No matter how much you think you know about me from reading this blog- you are only getting the teeny tiny tip of the iceburg. Until I start posting every little thing I do say and feel from every day of the week- consider me a stranger. All I do is give snippets of life. Stories. Funny quips. Things I notice here and there. This blog is not my autobiography people, get it through your heads.

If you enjoy my blog- i’m glad, and I hope you stick around.. but i’ll be honest in that i’m not really writing it for you either. I’m writing to release, because I love to write, because I feel like I have a lot to say. I’m not writing the blog for anyone really.. i’m just writing. The fact that people happen to like it is just icing on the cake.. and no matter what anyone happens to think of the little i’ve shared here I will continue to write, and if you want to be a ridiculous vapid shallow bitter old whore who has nothing better to do but try and tear me down.. i’ll continue to ignore & deny your comments, because I don’t deserve to be treated so poorly. Period.

Have a nice night!

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  • Congrats on the 300th post! I enjoy reading it because too many mommies think their child’s diapers are filled with rainbows and unicorns. lol And that doesn’t mean it is all negative either of course- anyone with 1/12 of a brain can tell how much you adore Holden.

    I can’t believe someone would threaten you with that crap! I try to not hate people so much…and then I get online and I do again. ha!

  • In my opinion….
    Damn right.

    What was it that you posted on one of my blogs on MySpace…

    “Fuck the naysayers they don’t mean a thing.”

    Even though you don’t like 311, it sums it up just right.

    Keep it up, before you know it, it’ll be the 500th and 1000th.

  • Ha! you both said things I actually meant to say in the blog!
    Kind of like when you’re in an argument and you think of the really good stuff to say an hour after it’s over. Ah well! Glad I have you both to do the extra thinking for me 😉

    I try to make happy funny and the not so happy funny, too. I find about 75% of the happy stuff isn’t all that interesting unless it involves Holden peeing on me or wet-farting with his ass in the air so it tends to get left out- it doesn’t mean happy shit doesn’t happen- I’d just rather write about the stuff that makes ME laugh, thinking perhaps it’ll give a laugh to someone else.