Panic mode

Life is seriously (for lack of better words) FUCKED UP sometimes.

I can’t remember how far into detail I went about our current living situation when we first got into it- but i’ll give a brief overview.
We are in a rent to own program for our house. The contract is solid. I put down a $10k down payment, and we pay a substancial amount each month for the house, and aren’t supposed to even try for financing until Feb of 2011 when we’re scheduled to buy the house.
All of this is in writing.
We pay on time every month, every single month.

With that said…

I found it a tad fishy when a week or two ago, the company we’re working through called Thomas up and suddenly wanted to sell the house now. Not only now, but for less money (per month wise), and wanted to buy his car to help us be able to make the higher mortgage (higher than what we’re currently paying in ‘rent’). It seemed almost too good to be true, like there had to be some kind of catch.
We thought maybe they just wanted the commission on this house, especially since we put a hell of a lot more down than most people in their rent-to-own program.. and maybe they were just doing us a favor? Should never give people the benefit of the doubt.

Along rolls today.. and In the middle of the day I am suddenly in an extreme amount of pain for no apparent reason. I should have taken this as some kind of bad omen.

I don’t check the mail during the day unless it’s a package, no point really.
So when Thomas got home he opened up all of the mail and I hear him from the other room say
“Huh, that’s interesting…”
What’s interesting?
There was a letter, addressed to “Home Owners” from a lawyer’s firm, claiming that our house is not only being foreclosed on, but is scheduled to be put up for auction.. on the 30th of this month.. which is less than 2 weeks away.

All these thoughts start running through my head.. could this be true?? Where did all of our money go then?? Where does the money we pay EVERY MONTH for this house go?? How is this possible??

I do what anyone would do when in doubt, I googled. Maybe this letter was a fake- like those ones you get in the mail about your car warranty expiring..
Not fake. I found the newspaper article LISTING our house for auction.

Panic immediately settles in. We don’t technically own this house, there’s nothing we can do to stop this process. How could the company let it go this far?? How could they not inform us that in LESS than two weeks we could receive an eviction notice because someone else bought the house that WE have been paying for??
All I know is this is not legal. We have a contract, this house is supposed to be ours. The company is NOT supposed to default. We put a lot of money down, a lot of money INTO this house, and are paying monthly to KEEP the house. None of this is our fault, and if it happens to go as far as to get us THROWN OUT- there will be some serious suing going on.
That doesn’t solve the problem that we could lose “our” house and be thrown out on our asses with very little notice and nowhere to go.

This is completely and totally ridiculous. Is there a bright side?? Fuck if I know. MAYBE we could get them to lessen the price even more since they’re putting us in such a ridiculous bind and making us go against our signed contract to buy the house early.. I can’t see them wanting to do that.. but I can’t see them wanting to get sued and possibly shut down either.
A friend suggested to call the local news.. depending on what happens tomorrow when Thomas talks to the company, it’s very very tempting.

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  • There’s really not all the much that we can do. Well.. not too many options. They are going to have some serious ass-kissing tomorrow. Because they are going to be hard-pressed to get me to try and buy and house that is in foreclosure for more than the value of the house. BBBBSSSS!

    I’m just as baffled about this as you. Foreclosure takes quite a while to settle in and run to auction (note personal experience here). Even after auction, you legally have 30 days to go to court and then 30 days after then to vacate, so 60 days altogether. BUT THAT’S NOT THE FUCKING POINT!

    It’s time to reevaluate my contract in front of a lawyer. I sign nothing without consent. I’m not buying an over-valued house. Nuh-uh.

  • Oh no! Definitely try to call the local news- that might put some pressure on someone along the line. I wish I had some other advice! That is just ridiculous. I can’t imagine how pissed I would be.

  • What the fuck! Thats crazy!!! 🙁