Miserable Uterus Talk

In a very short amount of time i’ve gone from a pretty peaceful preggo, to completely miserable. I’m not sure how, or why… but with 17 weeks left to go until full term, i’m already ready to be done.

The braxton hicks started early this time around- but having been through them before I knew it was just something I would have to suck it up and deal with so that’s what i’ve been doing. Over the past week they’ve been progressively getting more painful and more ‘common.’ I’d say I probably get 15+ per day.

Am I getting enough water? Yep. I chug water like a horse in the desert. Am I being too active? Not really sure. I don’t consider myself an incredibly active person, but I am doing low impact exercise 5 days a week for about 30-45 minutes while taking care of an insane 21 month old. Still, I find plenty of time to sit down and put my feet up.. so that should pretty evenly weigh out. Not eating too much salt…
Really, I just can’t find a reason for it, or how to correct it. It goes right back to my uterus just being an evil angry bitch all the time.

Two nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night amidst a full-on contraction. Could it have been a really nasty braxton hicks? I suppose.. but i’ve felt some pretty nasty ones and this was well beyond that. It was so bad that my entire body was paralyzed until it was over.. and then I got up to go pee. Felt fine after that.
Since then, i’ve just felt awful. Back pain, side pain, braxton hicks pain.. everything I eat makes me sick (especially cheerios, WTF cheerios??)

Per my last post- i’m obviously not the type to think this means anything significant. I don’t think the baby is going to come early because of any of this.. I don’t think i’m in labor or anything even remotely similar- I just don’t think my body is built to carry a child comfortably.
I’d really hoped this pregnancy wouldn’t start to turn into the clusterfuck of misery the last one was after the 25 week mark.. unfortunately here I am at almost 23 weeks seeing it do just that, only earlier. What does this mean for the end of my pregnancy if the middle is so bad?

Hopefully it’s a fluke and in a few days i’ll be back to feeling carelessly pregnant. What i’ve learned is that you can never expect anything with pregnancy. Nothing ever goes the way you think, nothing ever means what you think.. so why think? Just deal.

Is it October yet??

Posted on June 9, 2009 by Holdin' Holden 4 Comments
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  • Nah. It’s only June (and yes, I do know that it was a rhetorical question).

    Hopefully everything will go well with this pregnancy. Let’s just hope that you get back on track and become one of the “glowing” pregnant women. 🙂

    Stupid BH and stupid uterus being difficult all the time.

  • I was just wondering when you started your BH? I am pregnant and not too far along and after having real contractions per my last baby, I have started with the BH and was just currious.

  • With Holden I think they started around 20 weeks.. or I noticed them then anyways. This baby 11 weeks.

  • I started getting BH kind of early on with this baby as well. I have noticed that when my hormones start to get wonky, I feel like crap. (Lots of contractions, upset stomach, my skin looks like a 15 year old boy’s butt) and I start to really worry that maybe something is going on. But then 3-5 days later I pop out a bit more and feel just fine.