Men just don’t understand

As much as they try to sympathize, as much as they say they understand, they ‘get it’.. the fact of the matter is- Men will NEVER understand exactly what it is like to be pregnant.
They’ll never be able to comprehend that a baby’s kick is painful, what morning sickness feels like, how intense a braxton hicks is, and that labor pains and pushing an 8 pound lump (give or take) out of our vaginas feels like the 7th circle of hell. It just won’t ever happen.

Ohh how much i’d like for just ONE day, to pass my pregnancy to Thomas so he could fully understand exactly how I feel on a daily basis. Sure, he sympathises. Sure, he says he understands that i’m in pain. Sure, he feels sorry for me when i’m writhing in pain due to some weird pregnancy quirk… but does he really?
Most of the time, I feel like men think we’re just a bunch of big complainers. That it isn’t ‘that bad.’ That they could do it, easily. Thomas even says he WISHES he could. Ohhh.. that burns me up.

We laugh at that thought. We, as women, know that when men get sick, even a little tummy ache- they cry and whine like the world is about to end. Imagine a man going into labor. Imagine a man trying to push a bowling ball out of his penis.
As loud as the labor & delivery area is while women are giving birth.. I think it would probably go up about 20 decibles if the ones giving birth were men.

Women are proven to have more endurance. We may not be as “strong” physically- but we can handle pain for a hell of a lot longer than they can. Maybe that’s why our gestation is so damn long.. to prove we are the ‘stronger’ sex. I’m no feminist, that’s for sure- but I just don’t think a man could do it without being a big whiny lump of annoying complaints.

Now, I love the fact that we get to carry our children. It’s a really strange thing to do, to grow another human being inside of yourself. To feel every movement, every roll, every kick, every hiccup. To push and scream this into this world, the ‘miracle of life’ so to speak. That, I know men are jealous of. That, I can see wanting to be able to experience.

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  • I don’t believe at all that I “cry and whine”. I don’t think I do anything at all when I get hurt. I might say that my foot hurts or something (whatever the pain is from).

    I hear that the pain would be in relation to me trying to pull my scrotum over my head. I guess we (as men) could say the same though. You’ll never really know the pain of getting hit in the nuts or having a penis.

    I would like to know what it feels like to carry my baby, and the “miracle of life”. Modern science has not given us the joy. Movies have (Junior), but not science.

    It’s a fascinating concept to say the least.

  • Umm do you not recall me getting the stomach flu and puking for 15 hours and STILL taking care of Holden, and when I asked you to stay home and help me so I could puke in peace.. you ended up pooping a few times with a tummy ache and slept on the couch all day while I dealt with Holden WHILE I was sick?
    mmhmm.. you tell me that wasn’t being a big ol’ baby!

  • Or getting a sinus infection so bad you barely see and still taking care of a screaming toddler who wanted to go outside and hit you in the face constantly.

    YOU get sick days. WE do not. When do we get a break from being pregnant? After birth. And THEN what do we do? Take care of teh child regardless of how we’re feeling because that’s our job and tehy come first. And then we take care of you when you are sick as well. And then we get sick are still taking care of you.

    Sabe was making fun of me jsut a few seconds ago. Laying back on the couch saying “Oh it feels SOOO good to be able to breathe!” Jerk.

  • That would be nice if we could have swap days and let them take it over for a day. Then maybe they would get it.

    Like Thomas said though, it goes the same way with them. There are things about men we will never understand either. Oh, to just be able to snap your fingers and make them go through it when they make a rude comment, trying to be funny!!