Kids do the darndest things

There is never a dull moment in this house. I hear all the time how bored stay at home moms get with the monotony of every day mommy life- and I get that because I have those moments too- but Holden’s personality definitely helps to cure that for me. He is a strange, funny, goofy little kid and I think he knows it.
I could go on and on about the weird hilarious things he does on a daily basis- but i’ll stick with one story that cracks me up.

I call this: Holden & his obsession with phones.

It doesn’t matter what it is- Holden will hold it up to his ear and pretend it’s a phone. It could be a fake potato chip from his kitchen set, his pacifier (which we call his ‘binky-tooth head set’ instead of bluetooth).. it all gets used as prop. Strange because he has Thomas’ old cell phone to play with, along with two pretend phones.
He knows the difference between a non working or play cell phone and the real thing though, because his entire life he has gone after my phone. I used to be really concerned about it, not for health or safety issues, but because the kid is a drool machine and has effectively slobbered one of my old cell phones to death so I try to keep my new one up and away from him as much as I can.
Boundaries no longer stop him. My ‘hiding place’ (on top of the couch) isn’t safe anymore.. but he still seemed to leave my phone alone until this week.

He was in the living room playing and I was in the bathroom- using it- when my phone started to ring. I’m most certainly not going to rush my business to get to the phone- whoever it is can leave a message and i’ll call them back.
After a few rings it stops and i’m assuming went to voicemail. About 30 seconds later I hear Holden having a conversation with himself, and his footsteps coming down the hallway.

I see him pass by the bathroom door nonchalantly- my cell phone pressed to his ear- having a conversation. Goes straight into his room and just keeps on babbling with an occasional “HI!” here and there through the jibber-jab.
What can I do but laugh? The kid is crazy. Smart, but crazy.

He came into the bathroom and passed the phone to me. Phone was locked, so at least he wasn’t talking to China or anything ridiculous.

How can you get bored with antics like that?
Now every time my phone rings, he runs to the couch, climbs it- and tries to answer it. One of these days he’ll actually be successful in doing so and i’m sure the person on the other end won’t have any clue what the hell is happening.

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  • I could see him answering the phone soon enough. He’s just got to learn to press the little green button. It’ll be a fun day for those on the other line when he learns that little trick.

    He is pretty crafty when it comes to finding something he wants. He can and does search high and low for it.

  • Oh my gosh, Marcus does that same thing. Everything is a phone to him. And he totally knows the difference between one of our old phones that he ruined by drooling it to death and my working phone, lol.

    Has he ever called anyone? Marcus has called my mom, my MIL, Sabe, lol!

    i love little boys 🙂

  • funny thing about that- never on a phone that is in service has Holden made a call…
    but when Thomas got a new cell and gave Holden his OLD cell, he didn’t remove the battery- so one time I caught Holden pounding numbers and the only number an out of service phone can call is 911.
    yes, Holden called 911. I promptly hung up and prayed they didn’t show up at my door. they didn’t! I don’t think it ever rang…
    but after that, the battery got taken off and tossed.

  • I must laugh. Miss Marilyn chats all the time on her cell phone (which is usually just her hand) and sometimes she even gives the phone to me to talk on!