Just my luck

As much as i’ve tried to use my amazing (and super expensive) body butter sparingly- the bigger I get the more I have to use. It’s only natural after 3 months with something like a 16oz jar to run out.. that doesn’t mean i’m happy about it.

The only store that carries the stuff is a good 45 minutes away, and with a toddler- 45 minutes feels like much much longer. That, and I can never find any other reason to travel that far. There’s nothing else we need over there (over there = other side of the water) and everyone I know who lives there usually flakes out or is too busy for us to visit, so it always feels like such a wasted trip to travel so far just for a tub of body butter… but… the stuff works. Really really well. I swear by it. It’s amazing. And I don’t want my skin looking like an over inflated balloon, littered in disfiguring stretchmarks (yeah, so i’m vain)- so we made the trip today.

Go figure, we get ALL the way to the mall with the store that carries this magical body butter- and THEY’RE CLOSED!!!!!!
“Will be re-opening in June”
umm… it’s June, people. Why the hell aren’t you open?!?!?

To say I was disappointed would be a horrible understatement. Driving all that way for nothing?? And I will not settle for Palmer’s cocoa butter- that crap DOES NOT WORK.
After ranting about the ridiculous nature of our predicament- we started looking around for maybe another store that might carry something similar.
Only one other specialty store for skin in the entire mall- of course they had NO cocoa butter in the entire place. Just this weird cocoa-butter/mango fusion weird feeling lotion that wreaked.

We caught a lucky break at that store though- the sales clerk behind the counter happened to be pregnant and knew of somewhere we could find good quality lotion for my burgeoning bump.
You’ll never guess where.
The Reggae shop down the hall. Should have known, right? Rastafarians are all about all-natural things.. probably should have known to check a head shop.

I try not to feel too awkward when I step outside of my comfort zone, but a store blasting Bob Marley with his pictures covering all of the walls is definitely that.

On the back wall was exactly what I was looking far. A rather large, ominous looking tub of 100% natural raw shea-butter (does the same thing as cocoa butter pretty much). And much to my glee and excitement, it was 1/3 the price of the stuff I usually buy from the store that decided to NOT be open when I needed it to be so I snatched it up & bought it without a second thought.

I’ve honestly never seen any substance so odd.. especially not a substance meant for your skin- but I rubbed some on my stomach and it definitely does the trick.. while making me feel like a greased up thanksgiving turkey (that was the only thing the super expensive stuff has over this, no greasy feeling).

Sort of looks like… baby food. Peas or butternut squash to be exact.. and the texture is something I definitely can’t explain.
Will it work is the question. Only time will tell with that one..
I’m hoping so, or the shop I had intended to go will be hearing from me.. loudly and angrily.

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  • I think this super-organic, natural substance from a head-shop that wreaked of incense and patchouli should have the stuff that will never let you age. So, feel free to slather that odd scented, odd colored, odd feeling paste all over your body. Just know that it will work better than any other body butter known to man.

    Afrikans know how to stay looking young. 😀

  • See, I think Asians have the secret to aging gracefully! They never age at all! Fountain of youth? Maybe I should have found an asian head shop lol