It’s getting all domestic in here…

No worries, ‘Cops’ won’t be showing up at my door with a camera crew to arrest Thomas (they’d more likely arrest me anyways since my hormones rage and I feel the need to kick him in the throat, but I digress), I mean domestic as in.. cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing.

This is not like me at all.

I suddenly find myself on a baking & cleaning spree. House has to be cleaned from top to bottom every Sunday. I have all of new baby’s clothes organized in tupperware bins (and I desperately need bigger ones), the dishes are always clean and done immediately after using, I always cook breakfast Saturday & Sunday mornings..
It’s not as if I was some lazy schlub before, but I would have rather eaten out than cooked anything (ok.. well, that’s still the case now- but i’m a lot more money conscious these days), the dishes would sit in the sink for days, the laundry waited two weeks to get done, I NEVER baked.. things were messy (I called it organized chaos) and dirty..
I can’t imagine living like that now. I think i’d go totally insane.
No, I never ‘nested’ with Holden, never scrubbed the floors in preparation for his arrival, didn’t make freezer meals for us to heat up after coming home from the hospital..
These are all things I find myself either doing, or planning to do now.

I DO NOT bake, and I certainly didn’t with Holden. Not that I haven’t occasionally wanted to- it’s the fact that I totally suck at it. Everything I make burns even if I do it exactly by the directions. Cookies? Rock hard. Brownies? Rock hard. Cakes? Hideous monstrosities.
These days I should really walk around the house with an apron and flour sprinkled lightly on my cheeks- I love to bake! And the best part? My creations don’t come out tasting like total shit. Score!
It started with the ginormous peanut butter easter eggs.. technically they don’t require baking, but I still consider them in that realm because of all the mixing and preparation. From there I ventured on to all sorts of brownies. First just going by the packaging directions, and then adding in things like butterscotch morsels. Although the morsels I bought sucked ass, Thomas’ coworkers certainly weren’t complaining when I sent some extras along with him one day (just so I wouldn’t eat them). I believe I heard comments such as “best brownies ever.”

What am I doing tonight?
Laundry & baking Blueberry Banana bread… and couldn’t be more content.
Dear God, what has become of me???

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  • Awww… LOL

    I hear ya on not being into baking. I wonder if I will turn into a cooking/baking/cleaning QUEEN with our next pregnancy?

    Probably not. Send me some butterscotch brownies!!! 😀

  • I guess you could consider it part of growing up. Responsibility? Taking pride in things?

    Who knows.

  • I love baking too! It really hit me this pregnancy as well… weird. Get out of my head!