It’s a Blu World

If you haven’t heard of Blu Frog Energy drink, you’re not alone- but i’m about to let you in on a little secret.
Yes, another contest- you know how I love those.

Right now, BluFrog is holding a contest where you can win one of five amazing prizes. Something that will appeal to everyone.

From a trip to New York City on New Years Eve (including air fare, transportation, luxury hotel accomodations, a helicopter ride over the city and more), to a trip to Lollapalooza (including all the perks)- there’s no way to pass up an opportunity to win one of these prizes.

How to win? Easy.
Choose one of three ways:
Visit their website and leave a blog comment explaining which one of the prizes you’d like to win and why, Spread the word about the contest through your very own twitter by telling your friends how you entered to win and which prize you’d choose if you won ( Be sure to include #bluworld and http://bit.ly/UiiJy in your tweet. ) – or you can do what i’m doing- Write a blog post about the contest and which experience you would choose if you won.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Personally, my favorite of the prize is the gamers package. An XBox 360, rock band, call of duty 4 (which thomas LOVES), wireless adapter and more. I don’t seem like much of a gamer, but if I had a nice system it would definitely help to get back into the swing of things. Right now i’m stuck with maybe 2 games for my old PS2, and 2 games get old FAST.

Which prize would you choose?


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