The infestation continues

You would think after using a Frontline-like product on each cat, spraying flea killer on all of the carpets multiple times, spraying flea killer on the cats multiple times, two flea dips PER cat after none of that worked, and bombing the entire house- that our flea problem would be gone. An afterthought. A horrible memory. Especially since the problem wasn’t that bad to begin with (i’ve seen and had much worse long ago).


These damn fleas WILL NOT GO AWAY. They just won’t die! They are indestructable! It seems like no matter what we do, there will still be fleas on the cats and in this stupid house.. laying their stupid flea eggs and jumping on Holden and I and biting the ever-loving shit out of us.
Pulling a flea off of Holden’s face has to be one of the most infuriating things i’ve ever had to do. You do not mess with my kid.
My legs look like I spent the day with my legs stuck in a vat of pure fleas. They bite me while i’m sleeping, while i’m sitting on the couch.. while I have Holden on the potty.. and I kill each and every one of them with my bare hands (I like to tear their stupid little heads off), yet they just keep coming back.

This is not condusive to a happy stress-free pregnancy, which I have desperately been trying to have. ANY possible way I can try and keep my blood pressure at a minimum, I will try. Working my fat ass out 5 days a week, eating healthy, and keeping stress at a minimum.
Constant flea attacks? Definitely stressful. Other stupid bullshit that is unnecessary going on in my life right now? Totally stressful.
I’m concerned all this added stress is going to put me in the same situation it did last time, and I do not want that.
Normal pregnancy, please! No induction, please!

Multiple times today I have been tempted to just drop these cats off at the SPCA and never look back. I know it isn’t their fault they have fleas (it’s freecycle’s fault!!!!), but it’s infuriating to do SO much and to spend SO much money that you don’t really have to spend to rid the house of fleas (and they’d be gone if we didn’t have cats for them to feed off of) only for nothing to be working.

I don’t know how much I or my uterus can take! All the stress today built up and put me in some seriously uncomfortable pain and even made me lightheaded. I just overdid it, in a lot of different ways.

I’m gonna burn the damn house down! At the end of my rope here, i’m going to end up itching my skin off and NOT because it’s stretching around a big fat baby.

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  • You’re absolutely right. It isn’t the cats fault they have fleas. So I really hope you were just saying want to dump them off at the spca just out of anger. After all, you were the one who chose to use a website that is giving away free items, as opposed to buying them new. I understand that you were just trying to save money, but the animals shouldn’t have to suffer on account of that. Besides, you must not have gotten them out of the house completely. Even though you treat the cats, if the house isn’t bug free, they aren’t going to be either. Honestly, at this point you’re probably going to have to hire some one. I know it sucks to have to spend the money on that, but some times it’s necessary. When my Uncle bought his house, the previous owners were filthy, and you could literally see the fleas jumping off the carpet when you walked. It was revolting. He tried all the bombing, but it just didn’t work. He hired some one, they came out one time, the problem was solved. Good luck.

  • You really seriously have to be dense if you think I was serious about throwing the cats out just because they have fleas.
    You also seriously have to be dense if you don’t realize half of this blog is tongue in cheek.
    You also SERIOUSLY have to be dense if you think i’d throw cats out for fleas when I didn’t even throw the cat out on the street that scratched my kid in the face- instead opting to try and find a suitable home for her first.

    Maybe you should actually read the blog, and then you’d see where I said the infestation is NOT bad- because i’ve had a bad infestation before when I was younger and this is absolutely NOTHING in comparison.

    You seriously have no idea what you’re even talking about so i’d suggest keeping stupid opinions to yourself if you can’t even bother to read the post thoroughly before responding.
    How EXACTLY was I supposed to know the carpet had fleas? IF it had fleas, because I didn’t even notice a single one for about 2 weeks since we got the carpet, like I said at the end of the FIRST blog about fleas- they could have been tracked in.

    And the cats were out of the house, another thing you just went ahead and assumed. The flea dip just simply didn’t work, the stuff we used that is like frontline is unfortunately a “natural” product that doesn’t use chemicals so it isn’t as effective, just safer to use around children.

    Seriously, people like you need to not read blogs- or to just keep opinions to yourself if you aren’t going to ACTUALLY read before deciding to comment because they make no sense and have no valid points.

    Yes- you are feeling my pregnant wrath- deal with it or go the fuck away

  • UGH. Sorry about all this flea business, as if you hadn’t had enough stress lately! When I took Emily to the beach last summer, the house we were in hadn’t had animals in it for 2 years and still I was picking fleas off of her. It’s crazy how persistent they are!

    I’m glad anonymous doesn’t know me because while you were venting, I would be serious. lol I would look for ANY excuse to kick my hubby’s cat to the curb because I’m all evil like that. Oh noes!!

  • Atleast your cats aren’t allergic to fleas. My little Sancho is. I learned that lesson the hard way (and it was also quite expensive).

    Anonymous has a good point about hiring someone though…that might just do the trick. They are professionals…?

  • you only hire someone (and pay out the ass) when your infestation is so bad that you’re getting eaten alive. Not the case here. It would be a total waste of money- they’d walk in and say “what fleas?”
    The bomb took out most of the ones on the carpets (small area rugs I should say), I just went out and got Frontline today- which Thomas didn’t want to spend the money on- but i’ve used it in the past and it’s the ONLY thing that works to get rid of them on cats and keep them off.

    i’m not gonna spend hundreds of dollars on an exterminator for a dozen fleas. not to mention we don’t HAVE hundreds of dollars.