If money were no object….

You’d better believe my house would be full of completely different furniture than what we have. I think about 90% of what we have is hand-me-down or second hand, which isn’t so bad, but I dream about nicer furniture.
My favorite style is definitely modern. I bought a second hand modern couch off of Craigslist and love it. I didn’t see it in person before I got it, so I thought it was microfiber (my favorite) and ended up being fabric.. probably better than way since soon i’ll have two crazy little boys running around the house.
What i’ve always wanted is a microfiber sectional couch like this:

Yes please!!
I’m not big on designers- just a fan of functional comfortable furniture.
My dad is in the process of building a cabin in the mountains and I think is going for the natural look- which means all rustic furniture.
To each their own!

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  • yay for modern furniture! I’m with you all the way on that. When we bought our house in Idaho we had the money to go crazy and get all new furniture and art. Now that we are buying an older style cape cod in Chicago I don’t think any of it is going to look good in there. : ( we are offering the house in Idaho fully furnished because of this. Boooo I can kiss my cool stuff good-bye. Ikea here I come!