Heat is not a friend of the preggo

Today, I think it got up to something like 95 degrees.. and with Virginia humidity it felt like around 100. Killer.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the summertime (and I HATE being cold), but being PREGNANT in the summertime is my idea of hell on earth. It’s just not a comfortable time.

I think with all the heat comes dehydration, which is causing my feet to swell up to elephantitis proportions. Never had a lot of swelling in my feet with Holden even though I had hypertension (which is supposed to go hand in hand with water retention), so looking down and not seeing my normal bony ugly feet is a new and strange thing to me. I’ve seen swelling at its worst on all those horrid baby shows.. where sandal leave indents when you take them off- not something i’d like to happen to me but if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.. and as i’ve been told recently- second pregnancies usually mean more fluid.
Even my ankles are starting to feel the heat.. mini-cankles. They’re attractive.

Since the weather’s been a little wacky lately, and not warm enough to plop Holden in his turtle pool- it seemed like the perfect day today to do so.
He had a blast, ran around the yard in his cute little bathing suit (which is SNUG and I thought it would be a perfect fit), jumping in and out of the pool.. but after about 10 minutes in the heat I was NOT feeling it.
The grossest feeling is having your boobs sweat onto your big ol’ preggo belly. It definitely made me wish the pool was big enough for the both of us.

I found myself huffing and puffing around the yard trying to make sure Holden didn’t run into the street or after any bike riders (he loves cars and people, and people with animals). Standing in the shade definitely wasn’t cutting it- I almost sat down in the grass in a shaded area next to the pool but I knew that would be a bad idea for two reasons. One: I wouldn’t be able to get up fast enough to stop Holden from doing something really stupid and Two: grass makes me itch profusely.. i’d rather sweat than itch if I had to choose between the two.

If I didn’t have Holden, you’d better believe i’d probably be sitting inside all day with the air conditioning up and the fan going, sipping a cool beverage- but since the heat doesn’t seem to bother him all that much, I can’t keep him cooped up all day with me.. so out into the blazing sun it is. Fun times.

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